Terms & Conditions of Service

Minor Landscaping Minor Landscaping includes excavation or other activity where the depth of cover over the Pipeline is maintained or restored following excavation. Minor Landscaping may include the placement of lawns, crops, dirt or gravel pads, flower beds or gardens. Considerations: • Minor Landscaping and Cultivation to a depth of 0.3 metres (1 foot) does not require the consent of SaskEnergy. Minor Landscaping will be restored by SaskEnergy so far as it is practicable to do so, at SaskEnergy’s expense, if access is required to construct, inspect, maintain, alter, replace or repair the Pipeline, or if a safety concern arises. • See Major Landscaping for more information for installation of concrete and landscaping structures. 3) Mechanical Excavation to a depth of 0.3 metres (1 foot), provided the depth of cover is maintained, or restored, and the Mechanical Excavation is more than 0.6 metres (2 feet) away from the Pipeline. 4) Addition to depth of cover, up to a maximum 0.5 metres (20 inches) above original installation depth. 5) Hand Digging, or Hydro-Vac excavation, to any depth where depth of cover over the Pipeline and Pipeline Right of Way is maintained, or restored. Prohibited: 1) Any Minor Landscaping that is not expressly allowed above is prohibited. 2) Placement of concrete or landscaping structures. 3) Permanent removal of cover (soil) from over the Pipeline. 4) Mechanical Excavation Directly Over the Pipeline, or closer than 0.6 metres (2 feet) to the Pipeline, unless the location of the pipeline has been visually verified by hand excavation or hydro-vac. Allowed under the following conditions: 1) Only involves placement of lawn, Shrubs, dirt or gravel pads, or gardens; and, 2) Cultivation to a depth of 0.3 metres (1 foot).

All distances are relative to the Pipeline and not the line locate markers (e.g. flag, stake or paint) and are deemed accurate if placed within one metre horizontal distance from the Pipeline. Visit www.saskenergy.com/planningadigproject

SaskEnergy Terms and Conditions of Service – Appendix F

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