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T his month, thousands of young people, including my son, will enter their senior year of high school.They’re at the threshold of adulthood, and the world is their oyster.They can be just about anything they want. It’s an exciting time. But imagine if I asked a group of adults, “How many of you are doing what you wanted to when you were 17?” How many would raise their hands? That being said, it’s important to pick a path and push forward.You can always change paths, but you can’t steer a parked vehicle. For instance, I didn’t set out to become a lawyer, and I took many twists and turns along the way; but if I never started down the path, I wouldn’t be here today. Ever since my sophomore year of high school, I knew that I wanted to go to college. My father and his father would have gone if they could, so I didn’t want to waste my opportunity. I applied early senior year and was accepted at NC State in the textile technology program. My horizons were so low at the time that I thought I would get that degree and then come back to my hometown and get a management job in a textile plant. I really had no idea what my options truly were. But Mom and Dad didn’t think I was ready to go away to college at the age of 17, so they required me to enroll at a local college, Lenoir Rhyne, and live at home for my freshman year. After freshman year, I took a year off and worked to save some cash before transferring to UNC-Charlotte. I made a poor grade in calculus at LR, so Charlotte would not let me into the business school. Instead, I declared a major in English. I started taking classes in economics as my electives, and after seven semesters at UNCC, I had enough credits to declare economics as my major and graduate with that degree, although my grades were mediocre. After graduation, I wanted to be a tennis pro. I worked that summer for my friend, Doug Eller, at Lake Hickory Country Club, helping him in the tennis shop, stringing racquets, hitting with members, and teaching the occasional kids’ clinic. I looked for a tennis job that fall and got an offer at a big public facility in Winston-

Salem. Unfortunately, that job did not pay enough to support myself, so I declined it and started looking for a job in sales. I spent the next three years working as a sales rep and found that I enjoyed the freedom. I had a company car, set my own hours, and as long as I got results (and I always did), my bosses left me alone. But there was one major problem: It wasn’t fulfilling. I was making a living, and it was fairly easy work, but I did not think I was doing anything of much importance. I think that the best work is the kind that gives us a greater sense of purpose. Some people spend their entire lives looking for it — I spent years.As I looked to exit the sales business, I knew I wanted to do something that helped people directly. I actually considered medical school, but I didn’t take the right hard science classes for my economics degree, and I didn’t want to go back to college for two more years on the chance that a medical school might admit me. But that economics degree was a great background for law. I did well on the LSAT, applied to several law schools, was accepted to three, and selected the Campbell University School of Law in Buies Creek, North Carolina. I worked much harder than I did in college and graduated cum laude . Being a lawyer is a difficult career.There’s a lot of stress that happens behind the scenes. But when it comes to having a greater sense of purpose, practicing law is difficult to beat. I know it’s corny to say, but I find satisfaction every day by helping the people who need my help.All in all, it has been a great career. My sonWill is still figuring out his calling. His passion is video gaming, and right now, he’s interested in designing video games as his career.There’s a university in Florida we’re looking at for him.As many students going into their senior year will learn, life rarely turns out as you expect. But if you work hard and seek a higher purpose, I think your life will be a good one.

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