The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 98

June 1994- June 1995

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Commentary on condoms an � pizza �ditoriala Some previews, reviews and the almighty calendar Montage

College Senate approves GEE removal Richardson 'absolu _ tely' favors proposal; would start with new fall '95 students By ErikScuu Rtt0rdSt.trWriter 18-cttdit Ge:nitral Education Elective (GEE) requirement at their last mett· ing of the 1993-94 academic year. by a comronabk mariin ' throu,gh • what wider thin thole li$ted f01'" core voice vote. requrement&. While therecommendation isnot bind· Core andochttnquimn(ntS would

ing. 8SC President F.C. Richa.nllon The Sen.ate approved the measw-c, along with other recommend.tiom . said he . .absolutely .. would impkttlent

not beafTecttd.

The 8SCCoUtte Senate approved• rccommmdlrion to eliminate lhe

The GEE recommendation wasone of si.x praenwd by the. tem-ponry General Educaitk>n ReviewCommittee. c.haittdbyOr. Bruce: Bryski . anusoci• ate pro(essor in the Comau.1nka1ion . .rm very hippy,"Or. B,yski said in a May 31 tdepbone inlt'rvie-w. '"This is a wry i: mponant s.tep f01' BuffaloSU.te.ThiltddssomeOcx:ibility aoda little morehe,cdom for11-Udents." , Brytlcidac:ribedthecommittee's ap- provaJualeapforward forthecollege. •· . . WeDeed to,et into the20chet:Utu· ry before we gee to the 2tsc .'" besaid. all adcfuiCthat theeli.mlnarion of the GEE would aDowscudencs t0pursuesecond m,QOl'Sa13d minorsmoreeuily. 'J'be GEEproposalwat: one of six made by the 10.member committee, which waeetabtit.bed ln the winw-of 1993. F"IYC Wttepaeed by theSmite. Otherpropot,tlfpaNdpellCd:

tht propogal.

"I think we made a tttmendous stride rorward,"Richardson said shon• ly:i.fter the May 13 meeting.�presl• dent said he apprcwed the measure Department. largely bccaw;e 8SC &raduarion tt· quirecnent:s .. are wsy more th,.n found at 1.ny othttcolJtge a.round the coun· try." Richardson also aid the current GEEttqUre:mentmay ha,-e kept poten- tial transfer students &om attending


The: GEE ttquirement still t:tands (or all students now attendinC SSC. Thettpealwould take effect with f 199S iocoming students. As academic. re,warions stand right now, all matrit:uleted studeotS must take 18erediuin in at least thl'(:IOout or five areas d.cogcentration . c.hooting (rom. courses in the bw:a.aaitic:s, arts. IOCialtcienca..math and tdence, and ==·o� ::e: =:

-..--.._... .. .,.,_,,__ ._...<6___,,__M'<)'IO.-


.� M <... � �. Study says unde rg rads learn out of class as well


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Asbestos remo.val in Union moves food service to Moot

,,_., ____ --<6•Ccamoa _,.�1-ml!C --(11:P'n.Ai .,.. ....--.-·----..... ... ,,......_.. ----210 --··�"'D- -·Qdcoto. ---"'- -· -- - --aid-during tbritftnc--and ac-m al the nd

By�-- mavalllT PUS.h. - A --_..,.,.....,_ ---·' .. � ... -·-pooitlwl,-tbeir- leaminC- Studcau who interaded with r...u11y...-.,-.reac1,_. =-��==�� theater or mlllk: plaotd a biCber value onlea.mine few ita own sake. lhootu,jy- "Our pilototu,jywpponsme long.theori&ednotion that a:tudenu. learnbol;oticaUy-throughboth r ... maldasstoomupcricncesmd their experiences outside thedaaroom, . . noted Or. Patrick T. Tercntini.

...........lho-llilllmCHall. .-....,..- ....... - •,.. "'..., 23, I'll....... be __,,�,,,_Hall,. --- Tbe Ool< - Ibo Herl.... ----Ibo.........., in MootHallwill be'*',u._m. --r«�dini... ..1..U0experimentin, with JU" ..--"""deli-...y,"l\ofen -- ...,.._bewWOC

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Food..-riDcbdlil-... ----la-HaD dllOIO_'O_OW,Cplaooin IboCaq,llalSoodaltUmoa. .._.,___twoe P1-1can't ...tlaeplua,"uldPWd R......dinaor

kamiaC--,..... 1y by theirputic:iptdoa la cl-,. ift . ·=t to CW" projccu and 'Entry Level' hook gives realistic view of life after college

Zevin. • f'tee.lar,ee writtr, says he decided 10 write the toncue·in-d1ttk guide after weU•meaning rd1tivapnaed.upon himbooks written for�u•tlne collegeseniors that purponed tO&ivepractical advice about livine and wo,kir,,c in theReal World. Theboolt. hesays. contained nottuncbut liesand. c.ht95 ' uninlfflrionaUy hilarious platitudea. Thereality iimuchwoneand m@ funn.itt than anytbiQf m�ma.rµte:rteouJd make up. be -· SoZevin wrote ..Entry-W·cl Life . ' which otrers http(ulhow-to1 inMCcions tided 'How t0Occodtan ApsrtsDe11tAd •nd PIM Yoursc.lfOff• aResponsi­ ble . R.cnt•P'YiniTenant," "How ao BbdrYour w.-, 1'broulha.aln.tcmew,"' "'OfliocEzpktiva. . . "How Not t0 fix the Xero-?i Macl.'line." ..Your New Sodal

So . you•rearran,ed themilk cartons into It0me­ whltl&tisfyiofconfiCUnltion in yourf'OICh,infCMed aput•1u. and )'OU'reCOW\tin,spate'chan,e for a Suddq niCht six-peck �bile�another· day q,ent toilin, at Mtjob . W-tolifeaftercollef,. ,nbapg tbebelt thiaCyou can-,about ii is that y o u'renot� then are thouunds.pethaplmil· 1»oootothenlibyo,a.�ad,-ca••-1a• abour yourtto

j11Do1, 19H

Entry Level: author wishes he had this book when he graduated ----- Co11tinued from page 1 e: Some AlloKmbly Required:' and"From Kcggar 10 Cock· 1ai1;· , ··JI'�thebook I wishsomeone gave me whc"n Ik:flschool," Ztvin says. ··rm givint en1ry,lcvtl lifers what they nttd now, which is• laiugh:' AftcTfour (or five) �•rs in colleg.e, the Rctl World can be rrnumafic for the �ger young g.tadlUtc conccmplatint 1111 that lovely freedom and the pros.ptCC or h:wing no money wi1h whkh IO cnjc>y iL '"h's so difTttcni from college-," Zevin $.11)'$. "You ean'c findag_oodjob ... You don't h,a\'ta bullt,in(roupoffricnds 10 hdp. h's like, wh.11 now?'' If you're lutky cnou&h 10 bnd a job �u,d live h, dett,·u housing . you find yoursc-lf suJTOUndcd by "'vioJencly iMlnt bosstsand anal,rc-1cnch·e roommol«." he Pc)'$, Worst ordi . cntry,level lifer,ha\'Cco accu1Uy make 1n cf, (o« 10tct 10knowocheryoung people who I re not· cd with their business offiocs. "You have 10 1akc dm1ic measures, such as introducing yourself,'" Zevin s,id. Thebrl,>ttly illu.sirates guide contains some ocher cum· plits of common entry-level lire, includingmultiple USC$ ror milkCUlC$,creative resume writing and ripson how(not) 10 fct along wilh yourboss or roomma1e. 11)C following excerpt is from "Pr()(eisM>nal Skills: A How• ro Guide." "Appearance: You arc urgendy plugging numbcn into a complieo1cd spretdsheet, "Reality: You arc playin,Tccris." ··Appe.,raftce"� You •rt staring 1n an empty computer screen, absofbc:d in deep thought." . . Reality,: You have pr� 'Esco.pc'just in rime . era.sing a MacDraw porcnit titled, 'Supervisor wi1h Pitchfork Wound...' Despite the difficulties orge1ring stancd on lire after tol· legc,Zevin S8)'5 hi.sbook mikes the poin1 that the real world is not ,11 ttuu bad;, even if it seems that w-, sometimes. He has a chapter on "Mid·LiJe Cris-is M1nagemenf' that in• dudes weys to com.bat pos1-gradu11c b1ues, such u tetring married, cetting• ;ob, quitting your job, movingto Scanlc, joinin& the Puce Corps, taking• pott t-cydus, and . if all e1&e r,ib... · to scl1ool.

Senate: new options for department writing requirements

Continued from Page I • 8SC students studying abro.d would now go,fi5. (y the Global tcqwrement. • Ac.Semic departments could Kt their own rt· quirementscosatisfywritingaerouthe cutriculum.. MICh asmakinC students submit a portfol io or their writin. insie.d or taking two with . ..w. . IUffix (such uENG309W, (o, eumple). •TIiePhysicalEducation requirementw' Ou.Jdcon• tinue as ia. except !Mt more publicity would be given to two-credit daaroom c:ourscs. such as HPR.200, F'rtncss in Livln£ • A permment Subcommittee on Genenl £duce• tion would becruted. scrvin• under the Cumeu1um Committee in the Seiutc.

One rec:om.�nct.tion, whkh the strengthming o( the meth requirement, was tabled ror further analysis in the r.u. ..Our ,tudenu leave BSCwi1h• ninth•Cf'9de al· gebra requiremtt1t," Students were to take an cxtnmath•bucdcoune under thepropol&I,, but questionsaJ'OIC 0ttr whit du1etwould satisfy it and Civint of pbccmentexams. "'Five or our 1ix recommendations 'wen ·� � 111 take chat any day,.. Beylki aid. Sen. James0. Grunebaum, a pro(euor from the PhilosophyDepartment, at onepoint introduced an amendment ukia, that the GEEbe expended to i.n� dude allcounesnot in• student••primarymajor or pnn:quisi.tca. 'The motion wu rejected Ultt.llCh voice YOtt' by awide:ma,sin. English professor among YWCA award winners invotvo:t Sucoccd.pc:rsist,despite any barrict bu.t daa,er.,.aodCiwbid to thecommunity, ,d. vise YMCAofWeMaUNew . YorkOu.utarJdiQi Aduevemmt Award winnas.. BuffaloState CollegeAsaocilte £ntliah pro(cuorGcnldine &. Bard will be one of. tbteewinner,honored Friday at the 16th An · nualLeaderLunchcoo. TheYWCA awanbrccc,cnil,coutstandia, 1ocaJ buainCIIS or ptOf'c:ssiotwwomn:i (or ladenhlp,-.-,,demodeliog andu­ sbta.noe to otbawomen. JRC RultyMlnlgement Co.p..,,deatmd rut -tc lnobr JoY<>llwilJ"aloobebooofod. -"' "'tlm,polocjeal ti.,.,;,..profca­ .sionalfilmmaker and author,UliCntbtne1f' . go,J,.Sbedoesvolun--tbat-be­ yood the-,md ...1u.. .. her­ on•seari-amlmla-..

What is the College Senate? The College Senate ls an elec1ed body conslstlng of about 50 faculty, students and admintstrators. The presklent Is automatically a member, but cannot vote on legislation. The Senate cannot pass laws, only . make recommendations to the presldent. The Senate holds roughly one meeting a month, usually In 21O Butler Ubrary . USG Is not direct,ly related to the College Senate.

A Day At The Zoo ODe of tbeBaltaloZoolo,kl,1G#dai'• bi.tom.ou:, ap aome•Wlllllffrap. n..roa,r. LdorDar, tlaeZoo•,Pubide veoaefAI< wiUbeope,,ti/ Tp.m . Wed.aeocf.vaad tJ,"'"""" u-,ot"" cxteodedboun,,,.,,,.,.. AdmlM/oa...Wberodacc,doa,_dql-4p.m TbeZooi• loutt:d o,itbeoder_.ofDd,,wuePad". >>»>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Computer labs maintain summer hours B7DoridPal...... 1Jt:D.1aJNfft'IStnioe ••1 think it'& great that the&e (c:omputer labs) will beopen all tummcr,"saidsrudeatTom RI· &ar, . .l won't ict a suntan, but ru ftt things ........ Meanwhile, the�bou:r lab JoQtcd in Chue HallisbeiDCpu. ton thecboppingbloek. --We are ha,... pn,l,lemow;tb ;,, Iha<,"MidJennife,McMlhoo...._or Ranoce0peraaoas ro, Computing s.m- . To avoid the temptation of sunny warm weatber.IWlllDCr8ellion.ICUdmt:1willbe able to bcrric:ade tbhuelva i.a cool. W'· conditkmtd computer1ablaroundcampus to tet their woi-k - TbcNonh WqmdSouth Wu>1PClab, Jo. wodclowmwn11Twinl\loe,willbeffoilal>le toltmleota from 8 LGL to 9 p.m. Mcmdly du"l'lmnd,y,mc1a a.m. ., s p.m. l'lidoy �t the twnmcr..aion. ••we don't banthefundjngtomonitor it.•· McMlhondidnotMY iftbelabwould remain openbutind:iatcd itWUaeaseo£a fewbad ap­ pk,opoilinC thebushel

Drinkingind ridingcan lt:adto a lossoflkente, acocmcdoa,ormnworst • Thafsilyou"rtkldcy.Theflctis,SOio(mocon,dtlalalitleshl,oht ;i7 lidenwho havobttodrinldnc.Soil,...h,,.bttoclriokior.,.. arid,'slhtbtstaDyouanmake.-..'!""--

Taco Bell a BSC reality real soon 87].Bartmtt �NewsSttvfc:e Din& doa,.T.coBell won't be long. without elimiruiting se:rviccs. 1e1tiri, and alko.� tho people ,.-ho uc •t tbcc Fh11c:eit Cmtrr,'"beMid.

TheFood and Fitnc:PCen.ttt will move to the keCl'CQI stand, which will take over the Qwc1t Stand. The IUl> shop will move, alont withT.coBe:O. into theold fitnesscenterk,c,: -- Tbese.;viee,cn.mbk would hawonlybeen morec::oofusia, if contraelMS were = �tm��=: &bort ; ""The,ummrr giYC5 us more rime to do the. job�. . .Rodgerssaid. KimOurantc. aftahmln atBSC,isabita> rious,bout lhc whole matt«itself. •'J"ve never utcn?dcrlcanCut foodberore, but1"111wiWng ro trynewthings.. . " she Mid.

RalphRodCen. dirfflOt of dining- for Wood FoodSemces- which operates foodcx,ncemM)n.s on campus -said, in mMI· May that whe,: thl.... rollint in the ran. Iha< will be plenty olroom fortOCOL 04 h11 be in before ran. by the timeorient,. tlon and foodJoll getswted.wber< the Food and Fitncsac:mur t5 located now," R.odftN Mid. Rodgera,.!,I thatbadthe oddltion ol"""'f· l:,odyl1(no,i1c tecojointOCCUff'Cdbefore au.m. merbmlk,tbtre�� have beensome� tun:noil '"h wu • big pt

Specking out local record joints You-...Ctot tome rc,c:ordt Wtsuelt. Don't tie be- and like hide in your collection when your friefids cau.aeevaybody knows youdo. Yougot AHA. You come overbecause you don't want chem 10 Stt it." COi STONBTBMPLBPILOTS. You got ..STBBL Apollo Records is the rl,IJlle or his Stott� lt's • WJD8LS,.tt You got • SPUDS IICUNZJB ulri- small joint that carries •QY relta:st: you've tle\"er matepanydo, T·shin.Why do you hive chat stuff'? bcaird andaome thet you m�r ha,•c.. &c.use jacked. chey convinced you it wu good. . .Wm,doY<,.t do when�·, noching goodour? Yoogo to the,put.i'bC'"re',all these records tb.ttyou don'tknow abouL I mean . a new record 1$ti.skelty • rccord you never beard bdort:." Chris Ctlcstt. all-aroundffluiic guy andmost tt· on t����:'i:.�0°::::::'1� � ;nt'!:'�:S: t !�":;'!=��� soup. StCU. ii what be 19takt and steak is what he Funbdetic rtt0rd than it 1$ to�somethingnew. 111,llQ bia living on. .. When you blq IOffltthing new, h'1 always • crap �� t � =·,�:C w ot':j�;:C"��=:"��. � eo:!: WHA; TO 00, Go·� Gory u 820 £lm.;...i be playin, . tal lt 10 thr guy.Speclt out other mom and five ,an pops' tt'COf'dstores i.n tht atta such as HOMEOF from now. TKE HITS and., the l.4rinojoints down on Ni.,.r11 not Stred.Make )'OUJ' own T4birt th,t has your ful l thing · lhet name on it and think•bout what the solar eclil* you're c,onna IQUtU tO you. � t � ;.�1 is, �rrt'r and c:.ohuonltt for Bt-�I you bought News Se"*'<. A,ood t1U.mber of dueboys a.ndgirls whoCoout to the ttOtC:IS tad up gcuin,suclc.cmt iotOspeodin, the $1S on a T-ahirt n1thcr thlin• record b« I.heyr..tnlookcoqlwh�thiving to11c:tu1ll,ybec:ooL

We're looking for people to help us in our quest to inform and entertain BSC. Ifyou would like to help us p!ft this paper together or add to t, stop by Cassety 109 or- call 8',;8-4531- in the (all-: We foo� pretty cool on · · a resume.

GenJdlaeB. Bud

editorial Leaky boat rumors about condoms don't hold water Rdip)lu right politicaJ hac.b like. rrom the 33 percent (eUurc rate byl:tcrie mongers lilt.e'I1lomuprocl.eim. C.M. R.olaod'sCOftOtt1'IJabout the t,,, rier performanceof laturubber

J,me 1, 19K


«ilumnist Ca1Thomas try topottrly the u,eorcondoms and lifertcxas a liberal· lt:ft political plot. Yet Surgeon Cenenl Atnonia C. Novello, appointed by Republican Prcli­ deru GCO'f'CC Bush. issued a statemfflt publiahed intheJune9, 1993i1$ue of thl!l Journalor the American MedicalAssod• •don stron41Y supponi,.gcondom usefor prtVffidon or HIV ttansmi11i,on. SimilarStattments were iaued by herr prede«$$IOI', C. Everett Koop, who was appointed by Republican President Ronald Reage . n. NOYeDodahus that20 pcr<:ent,40per• c:ent or 80 percent of •II new HIV KTOCOnvttSlons in theUnited Statta will be avoided if' 25 pcr«:ni, SO percent or 100pn-cent, rapccri�ly, orpersons use condomseon&istenrty and COTTtctly. As 10 the qucs.don of pora in con• doms. whkh bu �I.teed thit medicvw.l qutation about how many an,eh cen stand on thebud of•pin in the miodsof modem day rdipous uelou., . she cites a NetionaJ Institute ofHealth 1tudywhich found noholeseven It 2,000timesmac•

in theJune 1993bwe of'Rubbct W \ttterebuttedbyan articlcbyM.D. M ris aod T.D. Peadle i.n the very tame l sue M.orril and Pendle ' attribute co faihuumainly tomisusenthcrthan 1 . lnhctt:nt dd'ect in the product. I.ochi in wattr, which ifputofthonorm.,l dom production proc:ea. cff'ecth the porous atruceurc in the lak dislppeu, they cbi.m.They allo refer· the rworubber1,yerS ol acondom. s.1: ing. "'thepossihilicy of• holebeintm;i throu&hboth "'.Yen.or ahole ineadl I,: erbein, perfectly alignedICCmt e:rtttn: lyrcmou.'' M

NoYcUoMys INt tbttc arefurther cl). atacla tO the pawte cf toV �n th� a mic:n:.copiic: hole. Aftte vinu that is aonmobilewould pua� a boleonly i( itwne ..ociated with •eiell tblt" moves or if it mo\·cd by hydro5tatie prenure throu,h • bolt� Howevtt, monoeyU:S•nd lymphocytes tMt mayCtn')'HIV are coo ler:ge topasi thrc,ugh microscopic holes dct� by rourine usting. And an FDA study 1,1mularing free KIV in nuid uoderptt:S­ •urc fouDd that motlcondomsle,kcd no fluid at an and thet, "even t.\e wonc­ eondom reduced utimated viral exposure 10,000 fold. " The llattme · n t citescond,om cfftt:tlve· ness during.eru•Iuse cvidmu:dbycon,

"AnFDA study... found that most � condoms leaked no fluid at all." Acknow1cdaint that hole.u n OCC\lt, tnccptive (aiJ.m,nteS ra�QCfromm NOYcUo ttfer1 to q uality

Main Office: 878-4531 878-4532 BusineislAd 'oiiice: 878-4539


USG: 'offering pizza with the unused porti.o of. the Student Activity Fee is qzpte honorable Shirlie 81.aie or the New Power

The following pages contain information on committee&..clubs, and organizations at Buffalo State College. Many of the student organizations are funded through the mandatory student activity fee. Students are encouraged to take advantage of BSC organizations, become a leader 11.nd get involved! If you would like more information on any of theseopportuQities, fill out the form provided below and return it to Studpnt Ufa, Union 400. We '({Ill gladly pass your request on to the organization of your choice. r---------- � -------------------------------- , I I-toget Involved! I .,"'-at: I I ......,_Ille�� contactme. I I Name I I Address I I I I Telephone I I . I I � NIIUm lo�Union-) I L---------------- · --"'!..--�------------------�--�

abo remi.od Shirlie chet theQICmbcn of the ANOlurePart)' whDweralt1"riQC: the pb.uwere in f' actUSOoffioers and .eru• ton.Not Otte person the pi.tu co� know\odiewu•"new mem· • bCf"' or the Abeoluac. Pal1)', Ob, aod by thewa1, 1 amwillinC to admit thet 1 did no1 - aodoo wti.t clotbin, people were wa.rin,except forUSOSenatorJennifer tc,cuidlce, and lhat._boca.melknow her • •pcrtOftalfriend and spent a few min ��!n to !"ofteneoaunonplaoo b,pwldQ "*1, __,h,,olvlnf cub. �boata and cbe lib.. I have De"ffl' �t.--�r.o::.� - - Walter Morrloon, ·-·bone pad,,,·-

Gcntntiooparty recently cau,c,d w•ve. at Buffalo StateCoUefc by cbatpng the Ahlolute Partywithbribery. 'Ibiaac:cusod.ct ofbribe:ryiebyf' ar · the cno.t ridkuloui.Wnine move by• lotidt candidate that I Ctnmncmbcr. Theocdoao-bylhoUSObyof!erioC p1z,o with me"'""""po,t1oootlhoStu· Int A.cdnryfoe ie qWtohonorlble.. Al, ..,.u. they-1<1 ha.. keptme....., forthemadYa.... bey••. that is what the ' SA atU8 mljl,thawdoae. TheltUdmtbody..--Col•ii IO damn ap1lhctic; th.11 pm&wow4cauae theecudto1 tocbaa,c bloiwbu-. . IUIOkoow for a (KC tbltiiDOCwhit lhe-AboohnoPmtyWIn�Let..

'nlff{9U&o)-... _ .. _' ............ _,. ....palti)'.._ ,.,._..._ ---�--ol.... WBNY•"'"-alblde:atme& ..........tlo...i,....... -o(-�11,c ndiolUtioa.�24Mn, dq,36Sdtys,,..,,.....S ""'7117- -Pllczdalioaary- dub�........... bmMoWmtDmlmm.TIit ceur1-t1nemmc:DC)Qltio ,.... ..... �-"' lblllc:oa;t0maialDI1atrJ'rill ........,.&bocbtlldjciu,w ...-.-Lin,y;... to,p:ao,cdDc:ltioallew:dS �cheyur,llldla1d· ddtsproCra1aad.W011DtG'l lt""'711od.'f11c""""•o!wo,s ....,.........


GREEK " OIIGAIIZATIONS --TIOII {l(IA)lotlx_.._.... _,_ _ _.., _ aoriqoecaips.lGA� pltilatdaoplt-Gnd. W,a.� -"""1· NA110NAL PAJIIIIW!NIC IXKJllaL;,._.i« �otwomca·• MlffllilieLCc,,.aal&hedto -�� .. -........-«.. amber era.•., ooopmle . ..,... ... __

.. ....--

NAfflllAIIDJCA!f fflJDlllfflom&IOU'l'ION -·-'"'-"' N,ciw,..,...illidiecapm CIOmlllmlJ..SllrifttIOcn:sI _ ...,......."'_ America1ieriuftiadie:IIOD-NafM �.-- ---"' --- iMca.NASOilopcototlllCDIXCIII teetiaetoproaottorbnilbollt --� HBWIIAHa.oaworbio �· .. - ea.:tcottn"tdlefftiC:iou&oeedt« ltUlblaindlitRoma� cnditioG.lttpOOICllfllDCbdMnc: --c..,.�- 0,,F,a-� dialliooO"OaJII,tonamebolI r.,,, imrroaaP1JB1JC1111DJ1ST uaualGaOUP(NmaG) is.---ltuda:d:-dirad OOIIIWDttaDdarrirommtal �lt-�111:'it· .. .,....... - .. dloctttalpoldal-...............-N

ROLBPLAYDS-GIJIUl ollmlllldeftalbtopportulld}'I) ...m1p1,Ja"""7ofoci-li, _, ... __ ,-.Tllec:lll,'lacci'rificsarecipc:n tolbtcutp111a.11Wld)'a.U• t1xpn1p,bkmt1xro..« pallie_.,,,.__... ac,.-n�bat•Dill CW.,p,vri,ti,c,p1a.... se.dt:oucaabincommoomlfflltl --rr-... 811l11ALfflCBll1U VCUJ'N'l'IIISareb'liraedIOwort -tlxSauiryCam'omolicd dbl-wt.dlnryhco ..............-..wq IIO!al-.V-pro,ido .0........................... OII04I><*:edaccioo--- - - - -.. .. .- IOCW.WOUlfflJDl!HI' 01GAMIZATION ii..,..,_ to "°"*.. ,mmcfortmdcaato punacoom.:,airdnaumdmeet ----ed r..Jry.

COLLEGE GOVERHANCe OPPORTUNITIES OOfDNJaNT COMlllmrlS, UMlTIDSl'OIJ8lnl' llOVDIBIIIIT(USC),tBSC rqwaenadiemlffl:IIIof!ht -·«lhocollcl,ud tnOOUrlftldlcirldm:patic::iplt:ion illihe e:tmp111 com.llily.l.lC',G __,...,.117tl>t mudo""11CudootK1mry!e,. Snadmts.. ,btlfPOiozcdtothe �--1171hoUSO s.,.,., ACADEMIC$\t �iaoea.maatsscudeQII opiftioo$oadlQltiMvel111d �islues10cht1t11a1E. IODGITCM11CC1tiaptQ1Qo1 USGr...s.i.....,......_..,...,11 6aec1olpolida.-wlcbtl --"""""'°* .-udprucotsJccla1uico pmiftenttoUSGmoaiea. ll&CllOHS COIOllfflll ii a •• USG-diouod117dl0 0.-ofS..SO,,Lil,uj Olapri,odo(l'lodly,1111!,ed -lho-tdooioa =�:-.::.;�"' cbe&o.1-. IIUl.1BAHDSAmT �-ed _,..,. .. _"' SoMlcalHaldllDdS...,.IDd... •dltellldena'l'Oicetodatflat& s.r..,� PIJIUCUI.A'l10!G...,... _......,._«II =:.;......-:= .....o1ssc..,......,.. ROUIS-........wlll,0< -USO......-edd,c uso-.-uso-- ,::=�c�- __ .....,....,. ed-cbe-« .....-..... _,. 8IVDDff800IINOtcfflt.tbt --...edaft'- --..USOed ed-...............,_ -edtlx-.airy ......f/o,,iac,.-.wort. •-v.. -.,ro, ��� :::::...........qu,ity«lile AIMIIMftMffl'JI _,.. .U-.AIIDlnffANCa --- -- ....... - ...........,objocaoflbltol . . . ... . . . .

STUDEHTGROUPS ANDORGAIIZATIONS -- =.""Z�� --bllbm- ---¥- �-=:;:.;= oflbmatllunlad- �::==�clupt, f'

==....�::: Ai!mlDw,o(Stndeaa,llco,bm m..,.,....S117...._ -adriacbeFIOllrySo,lmt --"'�...-.-tcmoc:La..iredbJIIK=btrti_the - c.uatlSSAmTl'Oallll lmitathc�oo• -,,o1.._..,..,.., "'"""·llaolmllii>-oflou< -..,r-r..iry,..,,.., p,aid

.......,..¥-... - -.f1N1Cor --c.a.,. AlplloE'pilool'lli S.,Alpllo

l'lliS.,S., s.p.DdrtT• Pf'lll:nlrillais..idllll llullolo-C.U.,,mbodlloal m!Gllioollill..Somhate, ..,.aficetm:-battDm ........ _........ ....-..-«-aud. ...............i,....n..GneJt �arecmmadtocbc: ..-«---bl=rylttricid�

,.,;,a,tbotbodl_,NYPlltG\ SOCIB1TOIIIUlWI -----...... ta001(ZIWIAGIDIIHf -- .s-..arabowtobe (1111M}ilambODII� -..-............... w111, ..., a1p00............ �---pcliticol- ltoolac....«t1x11RW,.-. tbotolinaly__...... 1,_.,...,400""""'"""1 ---- mllJlOICudootdtoft=Tw 1'11bJO,,mAboy,EonllW,a. ""-«t1,:.,,......,.,..,. ad.HomltaOaln:lda. ............... .. --�· . ==-� ......--..-.. ittlontoltif,ml-tmcwlcb fldO

om&IOU:na.(lnlO) ...... -'"" .. ---·-· _., ___ ..............c..,lfll ----- -"'1,_,,...... .... -- POnD.UU.comaLiict. ........ �-- .. " ----IWLn. Couol,....__ ----· ..___ _..., --··-lfll - IU:DAll'UIRMf IUGAJDIIii.......Clllfll ..... ---· .._....._tloir_ -....,...w...... ........... _ ........... - ........... --IQCSnO,-.:A 1"9Al••-....«.. --s...,­ oftloNio9111-.1Wo... ,.-...,_.,...w. ..---. _,....,....., ..-wrililC.-... ........... ,_ ---c...-••.... 0.,..-0,,.,... ......... ....... ,...,.

llOOllal.-llalPnON.U. CIIIUIUll--- 1or-........-.. __ .......,......., _" .. -.- ... �- ........ --IOCDff ,...._ .. __ .................. ===· --- ::.::.c:: i:::=:. ....,.__,_ llllNTAl.aJIOC-- ..;..;....::-,�117 ,.._,.-11,poo.

sn:nlllffUJOONIO.uD•• ,.......__......._il,d .,, ...... � .... ,.....,,..,_�... . ___ .. =.,.":".::.":� _"___ ........ -DfllUIK: :=:: .. �",:',:.:" 117 ,.......,..w..­ ........ ....:.

-.wn- -:na.••_"' .......____ tl,:lloillfl.....,......ed ---- s.........CMcr ....._ .............. ---·- -- .........- - ........ _ ... DIIIOllfIOClnl ii·:., 1.,�..- - _ __,,ed_ ::..-.:.. .. � ....,�. IIIIRYUllnCllall!Wf l'IU.098P..... __ ........ ___ --·-·tloir- . . . . . . . .

---·· -...- ..-. __.___

•••••••••••••••• . ... _ n,ii-,;,,-;,w-,... _Lilt___ =:=.··-·

0..--............ _...,,..... _ .. :..,-"'""--"' -- ......... ,.._.,_asc_ ,__ __ ,. =--�....�· . . . . . . . • • • • • • • • . . . . . . . �

. . . . . . . . • • • • • • !t , • . •

• • • • • •

Janet, ttM 111111 1, ltM ,


Today's useless bit ·o trivia: A pece • poet is • •lltictl · tn. It is • 4irectien s'9111ftias little "r little. n..s, the fel'II '1pecttt,se' ••ns � Mis IIM/1r lips.

. announca iu ARTSplorationlfflC& of On «. hool ·

4 1;:; ;; ,e� .m. a :s:iido ro u.nd.s.Admi ss ion is �i!u':fC:�1�t ��1:ur� !:; .to

12 !00p.m. to •:00p.m. Call 8,37-3900 &t. 112 f o r


•- --------- --------------�- •BlackHlscoryMonth wi1l be°'*tVcdwith Otrr

th�O,out my cbca.t and tor· so,butdidn'tseem tobe goin, the musicwassharp andcri.sp without bein,distorted and IOO It WU the best, sounding industrial btnd I have evn teen live. J wun't rully (1miliarwilh tbti.r mlJ$o ic.ban 1heywne much more visually •ffeatiaC and tight • $0Unding thin any otherbmd like them.. 1 th.It they usesomc prc-rccordodimcrwnenta,bu1 todo .U-( N me.bldaN.U.-lhe laugbin,stock<:AthelintLoi· llplllooza show when their tape machines mdtod in tht sun. causinc them to cancel their perfonD1.oce). , I DOW ur!dentand why IIMPl)I(baaouch. wide and See leoo pog e 11

they sounded like the loud· speaker at the bus terminal. Here's my be&t guf.a& 11 some of lilt tyric:a: "Wugg;e ubi>a fobbin Sug,oof'! Enna Jtgg11 Wenn, �tly, the rat of

Ahtiou,h their latest effon shows all sorts of promise, i1 didn't transla1e 10 pt1'for, m.aDCC very welL Thevocels v.tte shouted and themix wu •'°PP)' and too loud, The crowd didn't rc.Jly te1ct to their performance 11 all, dearly pissingtht:band off'. Ihave three suggestionsfor Si.ttn Madd.a.e Gaa.: I.) If youare not bead.Jinint ind can aafcJ.ymume the au­ dience hasn't helrd you be· fore, don't besurpri$td iithey don't md smash about; thepossibility "lits th.It you imy just suck in concert. 2.) Oon'I tum on them and call them I bunch or stiffs; this won't win you any ·� plaust,c.xcq)t when you leave the stage. 3.) 1£ you play lh, Beutie Boys' "Paul Rnert': and Che aud;mu Cetl into it and,ou realiu theya.refin.Uypleased co bur a ramiliar tune., welJ

1hm - nut rime. double your suoccaa:and play TWO. Cbc:m.1abWU next up. Thisband opened u,p tor N'mc )Deb N.U. on thdr 6.r$1 headlining tou.r • rew )'tan t.dt, and NIN'• innuence is lppattflt.. The ICld si.n,c:T

KMFDM, Chcmlab and SiS1er Machine Gun The loon. May ZS. The quality of the showa 1hc loon has landtd lately amata me. David Brrne prtvicwi:d hi$new album 10a capacity crowd ttetntly and LiYe lhowt:asc:d cbtir la.test tte0rdinC M-_y ;:JI. Si.lttt Machitle Gan,Ch.cnd&band headUnenICMFDM punthitd new rhythms into the normal urdi.acpeuemsof a curiously ti . me iotheri,.g or rans Wed· nesday. The Cll"lt band to petfwm was Siate:rMadaine Gan, • promislnt industrial band with a decentntw album (&ee Jewel Box Reviews below), J thought Cbcmlab was supposed to be first.bu1some heavil :y ,pierocd tattoo experi ment quiclt.lY apLlined to mt lh11 the band with the srupidest name alway, opc:na.. Hmmm.

•Childml'tmusicstar REO GR.AMMER is on the ...;..,as is"The StOf)'Lady"JACKIETORRENCE; who with the renowned . .Ambwadon o( the bl�"JOKN CEPHAS andPHI!. WIGGINS will re­ late the music and le,cads of BLUES'fOIW! •Story S.i.t• with ''Tcteh u.sAmelia Bcde­ lia'' ind otherMOry'books. And"'Tbe: lMt Sound " ....;n be �t with musk on saw, conc.b shell . wate:rpbooc and cuncdbott1tsby the ROBERT MINDE ENSEMBLE. • . , • n . ert will bt 1n AR:TSplonuon � Teachers' Tea Th.WWI.)' at • p.m. in Moot H.U. O FFCAMl'US AllT • ' TheCastdlattiArt .:Cmeum of Ni,igan.Univenicy anoounoea IWOuhibmons of attwork by .chool childmlfrom theNiaCan,FIDImuawell•a� ,w_bJ�artiltTomHuft'o, beobownMay 22""""'1iJ- 19. •Sc1ectcid.Worb DwiDopea la the Membcn' GallayODJ... 8 andooalinu

a-,, ··

"Ifyou playthe Beastie Boys' 'Paul Revere' and the audience gets into it and you realize they are finally pleased to bear a familiar tune, well then, next time double your success and play TWO."

clurly studied 1t the Trent R.etnor School or Sc.,ce Presence. ClnyiQCmost ofthe visual interc:et with animated deliveryandsome�I lead sincer bnwdo. � lead were ' so wubcd.ou.t with reverb thlt

I don't know whit it me­ oertly meant what he was Last on sc.a,e was ICMFDM. J mus.t admic 1bit their aound wu •tatc olche a.rt. TIit bas could be relt


..-e:::::�-::��"=:*<<:::�:':::::�x:::::�; . .::;.:W!,;::::::::::��:::::�:::::.::.::.:::<<::::::::: :::.�wx:.::.:�:::::.::.::.::.::c.z:::::::::�:::c.::.::.:::>.>.::::: : : ::::;:::=

SlaterMachllleO-- Th< Tomu.Tocbniqu• (TVT) ' • • The band's namecriekodme into thinking that this wuanother deathmetaloutfittrying to tqu«u out some elbow room in an indtastzy aln1dy crowd · ed withwhinin,recdbackand hatred. After the ftr1,1 few tnek,, I koew I hod lhem J>

IIMPl))I ...,.,('I'Vr) ••

u .. 1'llrowiJ!t Copper (MCA) ' ' ' ' Tbildocm'I� to be the.._.bandrcatun:d on MTV"• "120 Minuta Tour"aJor-,with PU.. Be AudioDynamite and BlindMelon. Threeyunhave plMCd&i.noe their debut, "Mental Jewelry," The band played II UB lat ,ur and t:okl the�to look ror thenewrecording. whichbu6naDy hit the stora this April The iood new& ii that this CD is inore mlture and more promisinc than the first offerin&- P..d Kowakryk'• vOClls are just•powerful •nd ly more dynamk in thrit ran{e. 1be lyries arc litu idealisdc and global than lhe firs:t timt 1round. Even th°"4h it was rcfreshin, tO hear some naivt optimism radiati1'1C within oor cynical pop culrurc, KoW11luyk'• voice itbetcer suited 10 sh� from e.x, pericnc. than to preach from the top. 11lie first single, ..�Uin.g the Orama," i$ • dcc:cnt pop song, bu1 llcb the fire that makes bind unique.1betrack "'W1irrm"is afonQy butaff'ccri n, song in which Kow�yk implores his elite leaw a rip for a bitcti, walttcs.s; ttjardleu o( her 11tri1uck, thedid herjob. and •· ... C'V<'rybody's cooct cnou� for some chao,e." Tht bcs1 track is "PiJlar o( Dllvicbon.'; which should hl\'e bfouiht 1he album 10 an anthem ;a tic clok af'teibuild.i"4 up crlldually. ln,.'leltd. two more tracks dr•w the rtc0rdinC to a mediocre clOK.

rdon't,et: it. Ihave beard.UIOrtlof thin,sabout this barwlbeing eo influential. but this CDIOU.Deb like • mixtureofcvet)'thla, elle.. Ictnhardlybelieve,. lhat lhe oaly lhh,f unlqueabout lillo.i;,.iaIha! XMPDM mention tbeit own nameeYtr)'couple

ICMFDM S.scha Koru'etzl co and En &ch ' minura (I guea tha1 way we won't confuse them with Front 242, Minimy or Slt:inQY Puppy). 'There's alloIOmitfemaleblc.k-up vClals that don't rcaDy fit with the rut o( I.betound. I'm no1 com• plai. ni� there'•no reuon ' to criric:iu the onetb.iz-, thacIDlka thisd iacunique., althou.Chit doa.n'truJ. ly help. • l'm allonot sayine theCOitlouay. lt'ajust vay �and ""--No -bow mud, cltu.nderand rhythm ispal iam al'IICOl'diQC, itwon't pma>t iifrombeiacoom,ifIt'•boeadoaebd.... The.._ri,k!bebond-..mi.ialhetnclt . . Sucb, . , in wbit.b tbet.adpokafun M itldf' in • wda&,�WO)'. In ao-to lhow lhe � Iha :::,�=._� bitl a bl! coodoN to lhemart.

LibMinistzy,the bandU1eSheavily manipulltm and producedsou.nck, without their rcdundu1 ttpt:dt0a.,Sister MKbine Gun ha: more surprilet .ad cbantcs in their, and thoqh the YOCQ are lntcrc:stin,andcli1fcttntfroo.tna to trxk, the tyric:llack t.bc a:a.ivc:naDy marketable tbemc:a that areevident in NIN',muaie. s.-.i tncb..._,....iy r .. . lhec1u11o, whlchohould... lhebond....,-.,.ec1.-The-'fllheCD iaat!)Od1An,p&rticlllul,tin..-,,,WOlllh•,ood.palrofbadpboaa.




11ne 1,19M:


... 11

End of the cuff: Lollapalooza and the man 1n black Summc-rtime u·our>d this place i.sUJW1lly pret� monoconc. Monot0ne in the 1«1se that chtre •�n · 1 mny things to do except drink. Then: is nobeach. Fonuruitely there are bl.nds thal come thtn of NOW SOUNOS" seems to be notonly holding its ground, but (arming on h. With tndtl thlt hip-mo-tiesind make your tats stint from AllCHBR.S OP LOAF, UNWOUND, PORTASTATIC 11nd VERSUS you should look fo rw ard co agood summe:r't worth of releases..The label it out orDurham,N. C. l1Ktt is a new label in existence appropriately namuiTHENOW SOUND. lfyou're li: keme,eom· pil1rion records gencn.Uy don'c do much (or the




� \ \Ol\CE\\E\ TS __ ........ _ .. IMll!W'a,docmrll.andpnJMliionll ��...:. "' ..:.":' ..-rn and"*"""*" UnlledSUIIN, ........tomeClnldllnandforeign -Ouldo l nlhoC.-,,, oc....- ................................ ......-·Ex.Ed.-•...iw-«-byfll , .. ..., __ .. .,. __ Sctw:llarlNp.VoufflUltheveltlNlta 2.5GPA.Applcllkw,a.,.�In

Ful-1"��.No �� 8R)AVOIUE•Jufte1 • latgit3 l�«n.c:6218. brdrm. •••••••. •••••••••••••••••••.•• Clliln.c:erpMitd.�t.appllllr'loM. FREETRIPSANDCAIH'ICd usand LMN.NCUl'lfy.$415+,8'5-0211. &Idouthow�Ofttudentl.,. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• llrtedYeemk,gm£ETRIPSandL07S FORREIT•&cellnt3or4�- OFCASH wllh Amerlcln'a 11Sp1ng Clililn,NCUrt.llu"ldty. A.,.....J� __ ,,a-c.r-.. ,...--,. Balllmil&.,.-nek:11.p.,...._OeylDnl.ot ·····- ·· ··· ··· · · ··· · ··· · ··· ·············· Padr-efCALLNCNIITAKEABREAK FREEIIOOIIANDBOARDb'.......... STUDENT l'RA\.'EI.(800)-Vie o, , --'-- hoursdoilyIn ���'!.�.............:....... =:.�.!�·.���.......

Boy,Lolla.p1.locna i5coming to the Toronto area. To tell,ou the true thin,. it isn't such-abad line up • dqs ago it was announcod. ex Lookout RtcOTdsfuneorccent«piece GllBBNDAY (now or coune1ignied wich the bi,,bo)'i) willbe included in the ffl.linwgefanfare.NIilV ANA wasofitirutly co play. Wonder i! GREEN DAY took lheir spot or hid anyth.iO, to do with ·- never mind. Acu co be on the bill i:ncbade: BR.BEDER.S, BEASTIBBOYS, BOREDOMS. GBOllGE CLIN· TONANDTHEP·PUNXAU.STA&S,SMA$Jl, I.NG PUMPKINS a,d others. look ror 1n 1ppeanncc near you (ffllWld here, we're prob.bay looking at Ont.). in,: o£�n.nces. it'•been awhile since JOHNNY CASHhubeen in the bunsa.ndminds or anyone younger than say 35. Don't k>ok now. With his rcomdy releued albu.m ..American

WB.AT TO DO: Take the money you gee bKlt rrom se1Jin,g your books and buy $Orne cnck. hi.(C some prostitutes and get Sute mtoo on your forehead. No1 enough eah? Take out anocher Stu· de:a1lo.n. Look (orwu-d co Bladt 1.abel onsale. Be aure 10 blow off m.1ny fireworks th.It wt.kc your bndlotd and most imporuntly. when the 4th or comC$ aroond. eec the tub o( potato sal.dwith themustard in it,yOU won't regret h - it tastesbetter.

FIIEETIW'SANDIIONIYI� CUNCA&.-AHTSWAIITl!D •Ale ond-�-., ,,.,.__...,....... _..._9plng_ Olhlrl?Do)'Ol,lhlY'tgooelption,tlldlla �Cllllhtl'lllllon',........ ondc:onl)pe,••...,_......... -�-327-3.

HOUSEFOiilllENT•Oneblockfrom --·-== _20,.-........ ,... CJ,liet.doMIO tl _ A......,..•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• June 1.MOO+- .832.z344or . 1CMOFFFORITUDINTSANDf'IOI'> ..................... lltUld-*r,ero....·llllld HCM.mFOIiMNT•5bent-.twoM 9oo6c:llofe,2840DrllllwwlAve. --.ElmwoOCW'8INIAWl'IUIII.43iM08S. 87....._...... 10.7........ 1:MI . ·····························-·······

anofflot?Wo!Adyou...IONm 3GEE crecltl'1.................C#Ipickup _ln...O!llcod-- � .... -- .. TwinRiN� 120. DMdlinefOI" �.�.�.!!...............

). H,rmctt d•�tttr ind c:olumnlst NewsSuvi«. ���������������.:....��������������--, ...... What Do I Get for My Activity Fee? You• v. paid thet ••mandatory •C1ivity fee" and you're wondertn9: '"Wh9f'9� thl1 money go and what do I get tor my money?" Here'• •quick run-down. -- E-- ITGOT Icon:CD not so hot, butKMFDM is great live ContinuedfromfAt,e 8


\\l�Ul l \ \EOL S


The ' fM i.collectedby the c:olf.ege/along with your tullk>n and OChef'e.... AltM abudgM/ep,encllng plan Isappf'OYed, the money le turned� to lheUnfMdStudents" Government. USO la both a ttu• naaponao, a myriad of Ol*'I ae1lvf.. U.. Many of lhrNeec:dvtdea..,.. trN; when there lie a charge It la

stron, roUoMng. Tht:ir newalbu.m is:n · t partic:, ul.arty outsuinding (check out Jewel Box fteviews., paee 8), and lhrirl:,rics never stniY 100 far from cliche:. Theydo,however,M\'C one o( the best live praentations I have evc-l«flanywhere. \VbiCbis why, with -dllcpp,in"""'S I willcUocuatho..-.1'• reaction to the tliow. When itcamerimeto cheer(Ofanmc:,ott,. the -U1 thobor-... pured completety at one poii.aL My friend andltriedlCYCf'lltima 10,..thoaowd10clop inWlilon.. 1,crapedmy throa:t ,.. &omboot· ""OftoaCII �- W dle- I bod 10....,...,.411< ..,..irwi,, beCln · willL . Tbt-o{dlepoo­ ... iD tbo crow ..... Ibo-- ::-==::.= _..,_. .....11-wecya­ __Tbt__ .......... too. Ms.......,..... - tboy...... .., ..,toe, ...... ,.... _, Tanao{!,.... MTV1" ., •

-·T---· ------ ·LAI.. holP,ou.,.._ ---(718' 743-1525. ......................... ......... ADOPnOII•We.. . .'blppvMdNCU1 __ ..... _...,. .. ............,__....LAI openourhometo)Oll'� �pold.CII-.-.�• ::':-.�.�.�.!!=��...

k � u S::.:, �=--� puteon -vie andemall concerts and .._....�-A,p111 "M•MC a.ctu,...ecreenemcwtee(in�HallAudltortum or the UnionSoclal HallonSundayorMond«Yewnlng11) andprO'AdN�onC41ffiPU8 during thetwlQe+Week8ingalPeuNacdvtlypenod. USO.-0"-w'ICle0.Sludent,VOUCNrProgrwnwhichp,oYkteehaH.p,tce«freeticlcMe toRockwellHIiiAudlloft. um..=.�.:=;:::"�-�;,.,...,_SI_....__ �������T�=""� _ln_....._..-�-.....--..---___________...._to .._ �.._.i:w-ta NWr9tthNtetproduCdonlNChNmNter...,... In the Upc,on H&MTheateror in the �v::.�-a-gelleCIMdona CU2acre t;act In Franklil'N'lle. NY,70mllNtoUth ollluffOlo)_______.............,. -----..-lllklng-. ondoutdoO< -. ond -·ofc.,,,ptngequipment to,IOW-8lacudent rental. � Ava&ancl"ie Ski Club n.,naexcur9'ona dul'tng thetkiinO -· -=·� a etudent newapepe,, theR9cord, pubUah9d twie. a week and di$ttll>utedtree; and a24-hour radlO ��!.: ·� periodloale lndodlng 1Mpoetry and #t magazine Porf1*1t. � acoltegeyMtbook. -VICE8 TheDentalCUnk:ottereIOwcoetbUk:.< logai pn,1)'""'8. and USG,,__._.



This is our final issue; The Record resume pub· bing in the fall. The first issue is slated for Sept. 1. ·rryou wish to place any ads, either clas· sified or display, lease call our busi- ness office at 878-4�39.

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• Student sounds off about condoma � EDITORIALS page 4 � "f: "-. ' • Rockwell's lineup and calendar � MONTAGE page 10-11 • Football, other fall sports previewed SPORTS page 15

Delaware Park... a close place to leave . worries behind

USG business manager leaves to start restaurant Committee sifting through applications United SrudentS' Gottmment Service Group Inc.. Busi.l'less �r Anthony Capece kft hb postWed� tostart a newbusi· nest carttr - as the owner of his own Julian reuaurant in Ontario County. plans. schedules.. acoountt. t&XCS •nd otherbusina&-· rclatcdm.1.ttcn. C..pc,ce. 30, was • 8SCstudenl from1983 to1987. InMay 1986,he became USG tn:asurtt. a post he bdd until c,w:hi.stion. Capece also WIS I foundiQCmember Of the8SC chlpttt of Alpha Epsilon Rho, die NationalBf'Oldc:ati.O,Society. Betwoenhb deptrture • • atu· dent and arrinl as busioess manager,Capece. was theassistant -"-media fo, dieWldie Plohu, N . Y.•tdJoolCU.. The Former busineuman<f hopes10ha ..Ctpeoe'1Gou.-Piz­ ze:ri.l and Reataurant up and running bydie 6mweekolOctober. The eatery will be in lbe tow;Dol Conandoicuo,eoutb of-· Ctpeoe-dieUSGSGpo,, from loa(ume Bulinea� Jed

Slttiut oa the lop of theN>CeDtly --Uucolu ........ . On those sultty, summer days There are plenty of buketboll when five-hour,longclasses are get- courts for a pick-up game fields for ringyoudown,relief is no more than baseb«ll andsoccerenthuslutaanda a ten-minute walk from r campus. · golfc:ourae for those who like to hit Delaware Park, located directly . and chase a little white b«ll. behind _ the ,Albright-Knox �rt' Don't forget to visit theBulfalo Gallety, IS the perfect place to get Zoosometime this summer,also Jo- . away and relax for a while. · • cated in the park. . Considered the jewel ofBuffalo'• And if the day is nuty, cold and parl< -· 0.bwon Park wu, -, (ou, summon; ba•oboon uocccl designed by arohiuaFredriclt Law· for that intheput),tty theAlbright• Olmsted. Lay out inthe lllll on one Knox ArtGaDety for a cbange of of the manyfrUSY . tneadawa, or go pece;their worldrenownedcollec,. . for•l*klleboat ride onHoytLaite. lion indwles worb by Picaelo · There an plenty of tnill to Ma�andVan°"Cb- ' � on if you �t . to commune So if youarestreaaed andneedto wi � �-If� or roller get away,looltuofanberthanblading,a your thin&; theotreet. mcot at it iavehicle me.

�utler renovation part of asbestos removal project jcl). USGSG�•tbebuainaa ormolUSG,�Ind,aperrio­ inepropmy. iDAtnDOC.Ntiremirnt . . Iba'fC a love offood.a«Q,YODC ...-."diepor1lyCapecetoldthis SeeC.,-pogo2 Taco Bell (finally) . arrives � a run for theborder is now•cloeea the Student Union. T-Bell�opened at II a.m. Mondiy at Bwl'alo SClltc eoue,..copping off .� attcm.pc to brine in theM.e:aic:&n fast.foodchain.Two titet for the restaurant wererejected� diedeloy,toldIWpb8- ,......i........f0

Photosandtext by Dave Goldachlag

mabs adiffttfflct. orwhatever it mieht bt abotar peopk that makes ua view them in apaticular or limitodw,.y. '"SomeptOpk. are soan­ ic,-14pe,cmtAalnAmerkon. 3percetllAfri. �=.::!.·!.== ry rraiai- tbouCblhadem:aare notrequired 10tab ........ - ..Mulrieultu:ralie4uarion ii the prilury methodbywbidleducatoncanupo1eatudcnll lO a -Id view tho! - beyo,,d .. - �olmltme toouuperie,,riolincotbow-re ad_offect_ol...,"W

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