Risk Services of Arkansas - February 2019

Account Manager by Day, Roller Skater by Night

MARKETING STARTS RIGHT NEXT DOOR Whether you’re the CEO of a major tech-savvy corporation or a freelancer, your eyes should be set on your next marketing move in this digital age. While spinning signs on sidewalks and flying banners from the backs of airplanes may be considered staples of public outreach to some, the tides are shifting to more targeted ways of reaching your future clientele. Virtually any business can benefit from utilizing hyperlocal advertising and its many strategic facets. Hyperlocal advertising refers to the process of hyperspecific or niche marketing campaigns implemented for a certain focus area. This can manifest in many comprehensive forms, depending on the specific needs of the business. A local mom and pop restaurant may choose to take advantage of hyperlocal advertising by sending ads to potential customers within a 5-mile radius during the hours they are most likely to be hungry, on their lunch breaks, or when they are otherwise free to stop in for a bite to eat. Alternatively, a major car dealership in a metropolitan area could target their potential audience by running ads during local professional sports games. So how does this work for YOUR business? It all depends on your desired campaign for your targeted region. Assuming you’re well-informed about your current demographics or the demographics you’re hoping to reach, there are several methods to effectively implement hyperlocal advertising tactics. By using GPS and IP addresses, you’ll be able to target ads to specific cities, streets, and even buildings by inputting their coordinates. After you’ve narrowed it down, you can choose which areas work best for your goals. A mechanic shop expanding to a new city may cast a wider net, while a high-end jeweler may target areas with higher incomes. With hyperlocal strategies, your advertisements can be catered on a variety of digital platforms, like social media, streaming services, and apps. These new-age technologies will give you more exposure and patronage for your ever-expanding business! Hyperlocal Advertising for the Broad Modern Business

At Risk Services/Insurica, our account managers are among the best in the business. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of learning and growth for every member of our team, empowering them to steer clients toward peace of mind through robust risk-services solutions. Jessica Lamb, like last month’s highlight Aubrey Simpkins, started out as a receptionist at Risk Services/Insurica but quickly moved up the ranks through sheer dedication, careful study, and the cultivation of client rapport. Today, she’s part of the vanguard of the next generation of young account managers — capable and competent while bringing a fresh perspective to the table. “I’m here to take care of issues as they arise. One situation is never the same as the other, so, often, I have to get creative,” Jessica says. “Honestly, that’s my favorite part — analyzing the circumstance, moving forward with the ideal solution, and then breathing that sigh of relief with the client when it’s finally resolved.” Jessica values the tightknit environment among our seasoned employees. “We’re much more friendly than any other office I’ve been a part of,” she says. “If you ever hit a roadblock, you can just ask someone, and they’ll happily take five minutes and help you work out the best possible solution for the client. Open communication is essential.” Outside of the office, Jessica is into “a bit of everything,” as she puts it. She’s an avid gamer, whether it’s a tabletop board game or video game, but lately, one of her greatest passions has been roller skating. “I grew up in a rural town, and one of the only things to do was to go to the roller rink,” she says. “I loved it growing up.” After heading off to college, she stopped skating for a while, only to return to it when she moved to Little Rock. Now, she’s training with the local roller derby team, sharpening her old skills. Whether she’s on the roller rink or in the office with the Risk Services team, Jessica is a talented worker with a wide spectrum of skills. We’re thrilled she decided to move up through our company and excited to see what her unique angle brings in the years to come!

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