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Throw a Party

When immigrants came to America, they eventually turned this tradition into the jack-o’-lantern we know today! Luckily, we’ve upgraded from turnips to pumpkins and can make our creations more fun. Check out some of these great alternatives to a traditional pumpkin carving! Get Artistic More families are opting to put down the knives in favor of paint. This is the perfect option for creative little kids, but not just any paint will do! Acrylic is the best paint for pumpkins because it dries quickly and is very easy for any user. And because the surface of a pumpkin is rougher than your average canvas, acrylic will be the easiest to use. However, don’t shy away from fun paint options. You can get creative with spray paints or dabble in 3D with puffy paint! Be Handy This will require safety glasses and a trip to the workbench. Start by carving out your pumpkin like you would for any standard jack-o’- lantern. But rather than carve your favorite design with a kitchen or carving knife, grab the drill! Using different sized drill-bits, create shapes and patterns. These will be more precise than any old knife can do, and you can create fun patterns that go beyond creepy or goofy faces! (This will also work with a fruit coring tool, but it will require more manual labor.)

Halloween is one of the best holidays for party food! Between mummy fingers (pigs in a blanket), spider bites (cucumbers with olives strategically placed on top), and fruit ghosts (bananas with chocolate chip eyes and mouths), there are plenty of options to up the spook and yummy factor. However, you can add another Halloween food to your party list: pumpkin brains! This is one of my favorite new party hacks! Start by once again carving your pumpkin, and then carve a jack-o’-lantern face into it. Make it silly or scary — it’s up to you! Then, place a small tea light in the center of your pumpkin. Next, fill a shallow bowl or cake pan with red- or orange-colored dip, like taco or chipotle, inside the pumpkin. Spread chips around the base for the finishing touch! Don’t forget to watch as your guests

realize they are eating braaaains!

As you up your jack-o’-lantern game this season, remember that you don’t need to create the perfect pumpkin. Get a little creative, think outside the pumpkin, and have fun!

Fresh Tips From the Laundry Room The Easiest Way to Clean Your Washing Machine

Despite being designed to clean, your washing machine can be anything but. As water settles in the machine’s basin and detergent and grime cling to the edges, it can become a budding environment for mildew and gnarly smells. But with a few simple steps, your machine will smell and function like new. Why You Need to Clean Your Washing Machine The most common washing machines are top- and front-loading, and some do a better job of cleaning than others. However, the washing machine isn’t where germs and bacteria go to die. In fact, according to Reader’s Digest, many home washing machines don’t sanitize clothes, and numerous studies have found that these devices can transfer certain germs from one material to the next. However, by cleaning your washing machine, you can remove bacterial buildup, residue, and mildew build-up. (No more gross smell!) Furthermore, regular cleaning protects it from damage due to grime accumulation. How to Clean It Whether you have a front- or top-loading washing machine is a matter of preference, but it also matters when it comes to maintenance. For example, front-loading machines have a rubber lip just inside the door

where dirt and hair accumulate. Top-loading machines can collect the same amount of dirt in the softener dispenser.

Regardless of the machine’s style, baking soda, vinegar, a rag, and hot water are the go-to tools for cleaning your washing

machine. Start by running your machine on its hottest cycle for a few minutes, then pause the cycle. (With top-loading devices, you want a pool of water in the bottom of the machine after it’s paused.) Then, YouTube cleaning tutorialist Andrea Jean Cleaning recommends pouring 1/2 cup of baking soda and about 2–3 cups of white vinegar into the machine. (Bleach will work, too!) While the solution sits, scrub the door, detergent trays, and any lips where grime can hide. Then, simply close the lid, finish the cycle, and watch your machine clean itself!

Get more washing machine cleaning tips from your device’s manufacturer.

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