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Classic Wheelbarrow With Puncture-proof Tyre

Webb 90 Litre Poly Body Wheelbarrow In A Box WEWB90

Introducing the Webb Wheelbarrow – this versatile wheelbarrow is designed to easily handle various building and gardening applications. Its sturdy steel frame ensures durability, while the spacious 90-litre tub provides ample capacity. With the puncture-proof tyre, you can say goodbye to unexpected flats and confidently navigate various terrains. The ergonomic grip handles further enhance the overall handling, allowing for comfortable and controlled manoeuvrability. Whether you’re transporting garden waste, soil, mulch, rocks, or construction materials, the Webb Wheelbarrow is your reliable companion. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this practical tool, designed to make your tasks more manageable and efficient.

Comes in a box for easy purchase.

Comfortable grip handles

90-Litre tub capacity

150kg load capacity

Durable steel frame

Puncture-proof tyre


90L Capacity



Load Capacity

Discover more at www.webbgardenpower.co.uk


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