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Electric Start Forget about strenuous pull-starts and get mowing with zero hassle when you get your hands on an advanced electric-start machine.

Rear Roller Our line of rear-roller machines will lay-down a traditional British stripe as you mow. The roller also has the advantage of enabling you to cut up to and over the lawn edge, thereby doing away with the need to tidy-up with a strimmer.

Single Lever Height Adjustment All of our Webb rotary-mowers feature a single height-adjustment lever - this is the quickest and easiest way to adapt to the condition of your lawn; simply set the lever to the required height and start mowing!

Mulch Plug A mulch plug enables you to recycle grass- clippings back into the soil. Once you have your mower equipped with a mulch plug, clippings are not collected, but are instead finely chopped and forced at high speed into the turf where they’ll be practically invisible. The decomposing clippings then return nutrients to the soil, meaning you’ll be simultaneously mowing and fertilising.

Metal Blades Metal blades are generally sharper than plastic ones, which means cleaner, neater and more precise results with less stress on the grass. They can also be easily sharpened for increased blade-life.

Side Discharge The side-discharge chute is perfect if you’re mowing those rougher areas of your garden where collection isn’t required. You simply lift the side-discharge flap, add the chute, fit the mulch plug ,and you’re ready to go!

Wash Port Most of our Supreme mowers are fitted with a deck-wash port that makes it quick and easy to remove corrosive, performance-limiting debris from the under-deck area after mowing. All that’s required is to hook-up a hosepipe, turn-on the tap, run the engine briefly, and the job’s done!

Cylinder Blades It’s an indisputable fact that cylinder blades deliver a superior cut compared to that produced by a rotary blade. This is because the grass is forced between the spinning cylinder-blades and the fixed straight blade, enabling it to be cut with a super-clean ‘scissor’-like action. The sole disadvantage of the cylinder blade is that they’re only suited for flat, uniform and stone-free lawns.

Quick Release Folding Handles Models within the Supreme lawnmower ranges come equipped with quick-release handlebars, which fold down to make the machine more compact ready for storage or transport.

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