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Introducing the revolutionary Webb Eco Cordless Battery Range Where power meets eco-friendliness. Webb Eco brings you the might of petrol-powered equipment minus the disruptive noise, cumbersome maintenance, and harmful emissions. Embrace a cutting-edge 20V lithium battery technology that elevates your gardening experience, empowering you with unparalleled performance. With Webb Eco, you’ll have the power required to tirelessly tackle your gardening tasks until completion, all while enjoying impressive run times and rapid charging. Just snap the battery in place, and you’re primed to dive into your gardening projects.

Why change to battery power?

Cutting-Edge 20V Battery Power Experience the might of our 20V Lithium-ion technology, delivering power and performance on par with traditional petrol options. Eco-friendly Our 20V Lithium-ion battery delivers power without the hassle and harmful emissions, ensuring a cleaner, greener environment during use. Effortless Setup Simply snap in the battery, and you’re ready to dive into your gardening tasks with ease. Cost-Efficient Opting for lithium-ion batteries significantly reduces operational costs compared to using petrol.

Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer WEV20PSHTB2

Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer & Pole Saw

Cordless Tiller



Cordless Mini Pruning WEV20PSB2

Cordless Line Trimmer

4Ah Battery 2Ah Battery



Cordless Lawn Mower


Cordless Mini Pruning Saw with Pole WEV20EXTPSB2

Cordless Axial Blower


One Battery Fits All

WEV20HTB2 Cordless Hedgetrimmer

Designed to PERFORM


Designed to PERFORM

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