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I’ve been active my entire life. From playing sports and staying fit to making a career I can be proud of, I’ve always known how hard it is to achieve that perfect balance — from doing what you love and doing what matters most to leaving a mark on this world. That’s why I find it so important to get my patients back on their feet so they can find that balance again. An injury can derail you, not just on the field or in the office, but in your whole life. That’s why it’s important to have a speedy recovery done right the first time. In the past several decades, physical therapy as a profession has grown considerably. Physical therapists used to focus primarily on practicing in the hospital. Today, physical therapy is an independent profession and has become specialized in the medical community. When I was younger, I had to have knee and back surgeries to correct leg length problems and spinal deformities. At that time, my physical therapy was done at the hospitals. I then continued on my own at home. It wasn’t until I was on the high school basketball team and sprained both ankles that I learned how physical therapy has become such an important part of the sports medicine field.

Because I had been an athlete in high school and college and had sustained sports injuries, I found physical therapy to be a great career fit for me. It allows me to practice specialized medicine while providing very personal care. My college, Washington University in St. Louis, has the No. 1 physical therapy school in the nation. At the beginning of my career in St. Louis, I started in neuro rehab working with amputee patients in need of prosthetic limbs to walk and function again, an experience I carry with me to this day. Working one-on-one with our patients, we were able to get them fitted with their new prosthetic limbs and see them return to an active life. Helping patients with Parkinson's, MS, and head injuries improve how functional they were daily made all the hard work worth it. returned to working in sports medicine physical therapy. I worked alongside world-class professional athletes for the next year. Seeing both ends of the physical therapy spectrum — from athletes to everyday people — really put in to perspective what PT can offer the world. Adam’s career then moved us here to Jacksonville. I was able to After getting married, Adam and I moved to Seattle, WA, where I

keep a lot of the same perks as well as the same position while switching to a much better climate. Unfortunately, it began to wear on me after a while. A culture of overcrowded and impersonal physical therapy was not why I got in to the profession. Between seeing four patients an hour and trying to juggle life at home, I soon found that the excitement I once felt in my work had begun to fade away. With this in mind, I opened In Motion Physical Therapy in 2008 and began running my own practice. From the beginning we were ahead of the curve, utilizing more current technologies while bringing the small-practice feel together. It was the perfect blend. In 2017, I decided to join Fyzical. This allows me to stay independent while keeping up with insurance changes and providing the highest level of continuing education for me and my staff. Between me, the therapists, and the staff, you know you will always feel welcome and at home. We work alongside our patients to help them walk confidently on their road to recovery. With specialized plans and balance programs, we will help you Love Your Life ™ again. You know you receive the best physical therapy for you, your family, and your friends here at Fyzical Jacksonville.

-Dr. Joanna Frantz • 1 904-223-2363

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