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January 2018


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" When you want to help people, you won’t be seeing them during the best time of their lives."

Sometimes, the bright side is as simple as that. Sometimes, though, it’s harder to find. In those cases, I have to try to be the bright side, helping the client in any way I can. One example is a call I got a few weeks back. As our firm has grown, the number of new clients has grown as well. Sometimes these people find us on the internet and call us out of the blue. That was the case with this person. She’d just been hit by a drunk driver and had sustained injuries. She had the insurance company hounding her, a stack of medical bills, and a fistful of police reports. She also had three kids at home, all under the age of 7. She didn’t know us, but she needed help. When I told her I’d come to her house, she was shocked — didn’t she have to come meet with us ? Hearing the relief in her voice told me that I’d found the bright side in this situation, and I’m always happy when that happens. Our way of treating people is what’s allowed our firm to grow this far, and as new people ask for help, we’re determined to treat them the same way and to look on the bright side. Hopefully, we can help you find your own bright side in 2018. I know it’s going to be just as terrific and just as busy as 2017 was, and I look forward to seeing what it brings. –Neil Crowley I reminded her that she was the one who was hurt, and I could easily hop in my car and go.


In my line of work, I see a lot of tough situations: people injured, out of work, or stuck with the bill after someone else messed up. That’s to be expected. When you want to help people, you won’t be seeing them during the best time of their lives. If that was the case, they wouldn’t need help. You get perspective on many issues, some of them really crummy. You also get a lot of practice finding the bright side in bad situations.

Last month, I met with a client whose 2017 wasn’t ending very well. After being on disability for a while, her employer decided to fire her — two weeks before Christmas. She was definitely unhappy about it, and we talked at length. Eventually, despite the bad news, we found a silver lining. She hated that job, anyway. And the commute was terrible! Furthermore, with disability, she’s going to get paid either way. The job loss was a blow to her morale, to be sure, but not a real blow to her income.


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