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An Old Tavern for the New Year

An Old Tavern for the New Year People have been living in Boston for a long, long time. Two hundred and fifty years ago, it was the birthplace of the American Revolution, and in some ways, it’s the birthplace of America

terrible idea or a really, really good one. People at the time certainly had plenty to drink about, including our Founding Fathers, who liked to hatch plans and draft documents while enjoying a good brew (or two). Hard cider was the real drink of choice, but ale — which, at the time, was around 11 percent alcohol — was also a favorite. And don’t forget the “demon rum,” a drink condemned by many — but not by John Hancock, who made a small fortune smuggling the stuff. Whether you were after cider, ale, or rum, the Warren was the place to go, and it remains so to this day. It’s worth checking out for anyone who enjoys history, wants to sit at the same bar as the first patriots, or enjoys the simple pleasure of a good pint in a great tavern.

itself. Before that, it was a colony for over a hundred years. As modern as the city may be, sometimes you turn a corner and wonder whether you’re about to walk into the present era or a time from long ago. Nowhere is that tension more palpable than in the Warren Tavern on Pleasant Street in Charleston. There are a lot of places that claim to be “the first” or “the original,” but very few of those places are still in their first location. Not so with the Warren. It opened its doors in 1780 and hasn’t changed buildings once. The original proprietor, Dr. Joseph Warren, was a patriot through and through. Five years before opening his tavern, he’d sent Paul Revere on that famous midnight ride. Opening a bar in Boston during the middle of a bloody revolution was either a


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