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October 2019


P art of my job is helping families prepare for and get through difficult situations. So, you might think when my family and I face challenges ourselves that I’d be uniquely prepared to deal with them. But, as I learned at the end of this summer, that just isn’t the case. No matter who you are or how well you’ve prepared, finding long-term care for a loved one is always going to be a stressful experience.

a quality skilled nursing facility is not easy. So, I advise anyone to keep hard copies of all the information you would need to get you or your loved one admitted to one of these facilities. Having a folder of insurance information and the most up-to-date list of their prescriptions will help for a smoother admission procedure, too. Prior to this event, I thought I had this process pretty well at hand for myself. But, looking back at how the crisis played out, my family and I were very lucky. I knew a facility some of my clients had still a scramble to get him relocated — something very emotionally taxing on my father. To be moved to a hospital and then a nursing home in such a short period of time is difficult for anyone.  All things considered, I’m just glad I live nearby. No matter how much technology may reduce the challenges presented by used for rehabilitation in the past, and, by chance, they had a room available when we called. It was

distance, having at least one family member with boots on the ground helps ensure plans are put into action My sister in California was a big help getting everything organized, but some logistics can be handled

much faster in person.

Thankfully, my father is on the mend. At the time of writing the plan is for him to spend 20 days rehabilitating himself at this facility, and then he should be able to return home. All in all, this was a humbling reminder that just because I help others through these situations doesn’t mean I’ll be immune to the stress and heartache they cause. Still, I’m thankful to have a job where I can give other families a road map for how to get through these difficult trials. I can’t eliminate the challenges and fear you’ll face in moments like this, but I can help you and your loved ones find a path forward. 

At the end of July, my father suffered a bad fall in his bathroom. His left knee

became incredibly swollen, and he needed to be hospitalized. But, even after we’d got him the emergency care he needed, it was clear he couldn’t just go back to living life at home right away — an injury like that at his age requires rehabilitation. My family and I needed to find our father a live-in facility

“Just because I help others through these situations doesn’t mean I’ll be immune to the stress and heartache they cause.”

where he could retrain himself to walk with his left leg, which would prove difficult on short notice. This is actually something I’ve helped clients do in the past. Finding a bed at

-Paul Black

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