The chain of transactions that powers the housing sector begins with first-time buyers – a seemingly vanishing species. Why has ownership become less interesting to potential first-time purchasers and what can be done about it? Could first-time buyers become the solution for millions of owners now trapped in underwater properties?  HOW FEWER FIRST-TIME HOME BUYERS THREATEN THE REAL ESTATE MARKET 06

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Creative Investing for Passive Returns After more than 10 years of a bull market, investors are increasingly considering how to prepare for the potential impact of the next economic downturn - especially those concerned about volatility. In this issue, Guest Contributor Gary Beasley, CEO & Co-Founder of Roofstock, discusses how many investors are looking for an intelligent way to adjust their investment portfolios. 16 MY TAKE

25 MARKET SPOTLIGHT Prospecting for Opportunity in the Pacific Northwest While it’s still a favorite among those looking to purchase property at rates far below the inflated prices of places like California and New York, shifting market conditions in the Pacific Northwest have pushed investors to be increasingly creative in searching out opportunities. Housing News Report looks specifically at market conditions in Boise, Portland and Seattle as they pertain to the latest market trends and investment strategies.

Hottest ZIPs for Home Flips in Q1 2019 According to ATTOM Data Solutions’ Q1 2019 Home Flipping report, the home flipping rate reached a new high with 7.2 percent of all home sales during 22 DATA IN ACTION

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the quarter being a flip – the highest home flipping rate since Q1 2010. ATTOM took a deeper look into the data and uncovered those zip codes where the flipping rate was well above the national rate.

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Flipping or Flopping: Home Flippers Selling While Gross Profits Stumble ATTOM Data Solutions’ Q1 2019 Home Flipping report also noted the flipping rate is up from 5.9 percent in the previous quarter and up from 6.7 percent a year ago. Taking another deep data dive, ATTOM uncovered those markets with 50 or more flip sales in Q1 2019 and a population greater than 200,000 that are pushing the flipping rate upward. 24 BIG DATA SANDBOX

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