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2020 JULY

The last few months have been really busy here at Chiro1Source

to the Olympics around that time. He was in the running program at West Point, and he made it to the Olympic trials twice. I still remember crowding around the TV with my family to watch him compete and how euphoric we all felt when he pulled into the lead. Although he didn’t make it to the games, I never tired of watching him run and caught his races in person whenever I could. I got to see him win once at a race near Asheville where he crushed the competition. I still pay close attention to the sprinting and distance running events when the Olympics come on, but there are other events that capture my imagination now, too. Most recently, I loved watching Michael Phelps dominate in swimming. I’ll never forget the time the Americans managed to pull ahead and beat the French in 2008 following an episode of what SwimSwam called the “greatest race trash talk in Olympic history.” It’s amazing to me how fast the swimmers are, and it’s just wild to see how well they work together during relays, passing the buck like a well-oiled machine. The gymnastics teams also blow my mind on a regular basis. Beyond the prowess of the athletes, I’ve always liked the scope and grandeur of the Olympic Games. Back when I lived briefly in Barcelona, I got to go and visit the site of the 1992 Summer Olympics there. The pool was still operating, and I got to check out the grounds and view some of the plaques and medals from the games. The whole thing gave me goosebumps! Last but not least, I love that the Olympics has a strong connection to chiropractics. Many Olympic teams have a chiropractor on hand for last-minute adjustments, and chiropractors have served on both the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and Team USA. While I don’t remember my chiropractor parents commenting much on athlete injuries while we watched games, they were probably thinking about it! To make a long story short, as soon as I learned the Olympics had been postponed, I started looking forward to 2021. If you’re as disappointed as I was about the games being moved, then let me know the next time you call in to place an order. We can compare favorite events and commiserate together!

as we’ve worked to get our clients the medical equipment and supplies they need to weather the pandemic. With so much going on, it took me a while

to realize that an event I’d been looking forward to for months — the 2020 Summer Olympic Games — had been postponed.

Of course, the postponement isn’t a huge surprise considering the state of the world. But realizing I’d have to wait until 2021 to watch the competition was a bummer nonetheless. I’ve always loved watching the Olympics, particularly the runners. I remember being in awe of Olympic sprinter Michael Duane Johnson as a kid. Before Usain Bolt showed up on the scene, he was one of the world’s best sprinters. He won four Olympic golds, and I thought his signature shiny gold shoes were the pinnacle of cool.

Watching Johnson run was particularly exciting for me because one of my cousins almost made it

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