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SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 Proud to be MCCSC Empowering students to maximize their educational success to become, productive, responsible global citizens.

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Clear Creek Welcomes Principal Susan Petty

Thank you for a great start to the 2017-2018 School Year! We are so excited for the 2017-2018 school year. Your dedication, incredible enthusiasm and the opportunities provided for the success of our students are what makes the MCCSC the smart choice in education. Proud to be MCCSC!

HHCC Welcomes Director Christi McBride

BGS Welcomes Principal Craig Belt Follow us on Twitter

LAKEVIEW Welcomes Principal Angie Evans

TEMPLETON Welcomes Principal Becky Mungle

BLOOMINGTON NORTH Welcomes Principal Michael Akers


Giving Back to Others @UniversityElem At MCCSC, a University Elementary School student made the news, not just for his incredible talents as a tech master, but because he’s found a way to share technology with those who previously did not have access. Toby Thomassen believes that devices many of us throw away still have useful lives, and

he decided to do something pretty special with his talents in the field of technology. Toby established a relationship with Indiana University to purchase at e-waste scrap prices IU’s non- working laptops after they are wiped clean of data. Toby cleans the computers, sets up accounts and installs software, preparing them to be shared with teens living in foster care, those who might not otherwise ever have access to a personal laptop. Toby’s ideas stemmed from a class project designed to seek a solution to a real-world problem. And he’s taken the project into his daily life, using his skills and talents to bring laptops to children living in foster care! Recently, Toby donated 12 refurbished laptops to Monroe County CASA. Follow the link to the Indiana University site and read Toby’s amazing story to learn more about how he is changing lives. Or, follow the link to’s coverage of this amazing young man and his project to help people in his community thrive.

BHSS INTERVENTIONIST HONORED Congratulations to Bloomington High School South Language Arts Interventionist Megan Parmenter on receiving a Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce hYPe 10 Under 40 Award for her work with Tri Kappa Bloomington. The annual 10 Under 40 Awards honors ten young professionals under the age of 40 for their outstanding leadership in the workplace and community involvement. This group of young professionals represent the best and brightest in Bloomington - they are wonderful examples of caring individuals, hard workers and whip-smart, creatives making our community a better place.

MCCSC Students Attend Holland Science Camp Several MCCSC students participated in the James Holland Summer Science Camps hosted at Indiana University. Named after the late IU professor James Holland, three programs exist for high school students: The James Holland Summer Enrichment Program (SEP), the James Holland Summer Science Research Program (SSRP), and the James Holland Research Initiative in STEM Education (RISE).

Bloomington High School North Senior Lisi Skiba and Freshman Tanner Gibson, along with Bloomington High School South Junior Jose Adorno-Cancel, were among the students that represented MCCSC. Participating in the SSRP program for returning students, Skiba and Adorno-Cancel conducted a week long research project under the supervision of faculty that culminated with them each presenting their findings in a conference to peers and the IU Biology professors. As it was Gibson's first year, he went to the Summer Enrichment Program portion of the camp.

We hope to see more MCCSC students participate in the coming years and will be sharing application information as it becomes available throughout the year.

To read more on the Holland Science Camps visit https:// science.html


The MCCSC Office of English Language Learning and various Bloomington community agencies worked together to host the 12th annual “MCCSC International Family Welcome and Orientation 2017” on Saturday, August 26, at University Elementary School.

Designed to provide an opportunity for new international students and their families to meet school staff and people from participating organizations in Bloomington and learn more about the school and the community resources. The goal is to help the new families become connected to our community as well as to our schools. Included was a parent workshop in multiple languages, an informal “Teen-Talk” for middle and high school students on cultural differences and similarities, fun activities for elementary school students, and childcare for younger children. In addition, various Bloomington community agencies hosted information booths. Bilingual interpreters who speak Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic were available throughout the day to accommodate communication needs. To make the event even more welcoming and family-friendly, lunch was provided with the food donated by generous local businesses. This year, approximately 200 people including students and their families, school staff, community members, parent volunteers, and high school volunteers participated in the event. Through this program and because of the generosity of our community members and businesses, the new international families were able to learn more about opportunities available to them, as well as the meaning and value of being part of our schools and community.

The Board of School Trustees and Administrative Team wish you a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend! We thank you for all you do for the students of the MCCSC! WE ARE PROUD TO BE MCCSC!

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