Issue 103


Grassroots with passion



I was fortunate to be present at the National Stadium to watch the NDP live. As a show it's not too bad. But NDP is more than a show. It is supposed to showcase the nation's growth and glory and not about some mythology. Sure, there were some nice effects at NDP2016 but seeing the parachutes, flypast, fireworks etc. in the past NDPs was exciting. I hope those items can return again next time. ~ Ms Tan K.T

I enjoyed the NDP2016. If it was similar as previous years, you will hear complaints like having no creativity etc. To me NDP2016 had lots of creativity compared to the past NDPs. My thanks to the Organising Committee and all the thousands of participants who put in great effort in giving us an enjoying NDP2016! ~ Mr Lee P.K

I felt that the "parade" part of NDP was lacking. It was merely a curtain raiser to the show segment. I felt that it was more of a National Day Musical. I also missed the Red Lions, the military and aerial displays. I think this year’s NDP has lost its sparkle. I hope to see the items I mentioned earlier return for NDP2017. ~ Mr Wong C.S

I think it is good to try something different once in a while. This year’s NDP is quite different from the past NDPs which I think should appeal to some people, maybe more towards the younger generation. Despite the changes made, I won’t say that the NDP has lost its sparkle as I felt that the core spirit and theme is still present. ~ Mdm Lim S.K

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