Festool USA 2018 Catalog


Planer Accessories

HL 850 E


Planer Head Standard planer head with solid carbide spiral blade HM 82 SD.

$170.00 484520

Planer Head Rustic fine planer head with HSS spiral blade HS 82 RF.

$200.00 484521

Planer Head Rustic coarse planer head with HSS spiral blade HS 82 RG.

$200.00 484522

Planer Head Rustic undulating planer head with HSS spiral blade HS 82 RW.

$200.00 485331

Spiral Blade For standard, smooth head.

$44.00 484515

Spiral Blade For rustic, fine head.

$44.00 484518

Spiral Blade For rustic, coarse head.

$44.00 484519

Spiral Blade For rustic, undulating.

$44.00 485332


Angle Stop Large fence for secure and precise planing at angles of 0°–45°. Stop area 13-3/4" x

$125.00 485018

Parallel Side Fence

$30.00 484513

Rabbet Depth Stop

$21.00 484512

Suction Adapter Removable dust port adapter for chip collecting bag and connects to CT hose. Suction hose D 36 mm recommended (not included). (not shown)

$20.00 484507

Screw Clamps For securing bench unit to the Festool MFT or workbench. Clamping width 4-1/4"

$46.00 489570

Antistatic Hose With rotating connector and reducing sleeve.

$175.00 452882

1-7/16” x 11.5’ (36 mm x 3,5 m) AS

SYSTAINER T-LOC For storing, protecting, and transporting accessory planing heads and replacement blades with removable cubes to conform to different shapes.

$99.00 497696

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