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Multiple power options

The SYSLITE Work Lamp features a long- lasting internal battery as its main power source, but can be easily charged or run with the included wall and car chargers, or even on a Festool charger or battery. Exceptional runtime Equipped with twelve high-efficiency, LED bulbs, the SYSLITE Work Lamp will provide even, consistent light for up to four hours on a single charge, longer when paired with a Festool battery—and without interruption when plugged directly into a power source. Cool running Thanks to LED technology, the SYSLITE runs cool and won’t heat up the work area or become too hot to handle. The lamps are nearly indestructible, so it is sure to keep working even after a drop.


170º super-wide light dispersion Cast a broad and even light for the most natural lighting effect to examine a surface for imperfections, or illuminate a tight workspace without a harsh, blinding glare.

Designed to go where your work takes you whether under a cabinet or into an attic. Amulti- angle body casts light where you need it most, while the tripod port and swiveling hook provide even more options to illuminate any task.

Durability With a rugged, shatterproof housing, impact resistant lens, and nearly indestructible LEDs, the SYSLITE is built for the toughest demands.

Unbelievably bright

The SYSLITE delivers an even, balanced light source, casting a brilliant and consistent white light, so you can examine the smallest details in close quarters, or take a few steps back to look at the big picture.

system. unmatched.

T 18+3 18V Drill

Imagine a multifunction drill that does the thinking. It beeps when the desired torque setting is reached, tells you when it’s time to charge the battery and more. You’ll never again lose a favorite clutch setting thanks to the independent switch for drilling and driving modes. Seemore on page 126.

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