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Dust extraction Jetstream design delivers highly effective dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes and longer pad and abrasive life. FastFix pad change Tool-free pad design allows quick transitions between pads, minimizing downtime. MMC electronics Electronic controls deliver soft-start, stepless variable speed control, constant speed under load, and thermal overload protection. Edge protector Protective bumper guard allows sanding right up to adjacent surfaces without concern for damage. Also prevents jolting when sanding close to walls or edges. 13' Plug-It power cord Interchangeable, long cord design allows quick switches between tools and provides plenty of cord for movement.


Dual-mode Gear-driven, aggressive mode for rapid stock removal or polishing, and random orbital mode for fine sanding.

Made with the highest quality parts and demanding tolerances, ROTEX sanders are powerful by nature and so are all of their parts.


Power ROTEX sanders are some of themost powerful handheld sanders to power through the toughest tasks quickly and easily.

Powerful yet controllable with multiple grip positions to make even the toughest work conditions manageable.

system. unmatched.

CT 26 E Dust Extractor It's sized for easy mobility, but the CT 26 E is fully equipped to handle large amounts of debris. When sanding, Festool's industry-leading CT Dust Extractors deliver smoother surfaces while extending the useful life of abrasives, saving cost and waste. Seemore on page 9.

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