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ROTEX Sanders

ROTEX Accessories

ROTEX sanders are themost versatile sanders you will find. With a tool-less pad change, switch quickly and easily between soft, super-soft and hard pads to match your application. An efficient polishing machine as well, each ROTEX is supported with a full complement of polishing accessories, all of which can be found online at festoolusa.com

RO 90 FEQ 3.5" (90 mm)

RO 125 FEQ RO 150 FEQ


FastFix Sander Backing Pad High-temp resistant for heavy-duty applications. (1 piece)

$36.00 496804

$40.00 492125

$49.00 496147

FastFix Sander Backing Pad For medium/fine sanding and finishing sanding. The extra softness allows the abrasive to float for smoother results. (1 piece) FastFix Sander Backing Pad Maintain a crisp and flat surface especially on edges. (1 piece) Interface Sander Backing Pad For profiles and contours. The extreme softness and give allows the abrasive to float easier on the surface for smoother results. (1 piece) Interface Sander Backing Pad Extremely soft foam pads, the interface pads allow the abrasive to float, producing smoother results on delicate profiles and contours. This set comes with two (2) 5 mm-thick pads. Use the interface pads separately or stacked together for additional softness. (2 pieces)

$40.00 492126

$49.00 496144

$36.00 495623

$40.00 492127

$49.00 496149

$23.00 497481

$25.00 492271

$28.00 496647

$26.00 499257

Sanding pad Triangular pad for detail sanding. (1 piece)

$36.00 496802

Sanding pad For sanding in narrow places such as shutters and louvers. (1 piece) Sanding pad Replaceable wear element of Extended Delta Sanding pad.

$36.00 496803

$23.00 497483

Sander Backing Pad Hard - Snap stud. (2 pieces) Sander Backing Pad Soft - Snap stud. (2 pieces)

$25.00 488716

$25.00 488715

Protector Set Composed of small, medium, and large protectors for the RO 90, which offset the sander from an abutting surface such as sanding window frames. (3 pieces) Protector Prevents pad contact with adjacent surface for up-close sanding and longer pad life.

$38.00 497936

$20.00 496801

$21.00 493912

$23.00 493913

Handle Mounts on front of sander for applications like polishing.

$23.00 495188

SYSTAINER T-LOC SYSTAINER for storing, organizing, and transporting abrasives for the ROTEX sanders.

$92.00 497687

$92.00 497685

$105.00 497690

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