Festool USA 2018 Catalog


| $1,325.00 203148

VAC SYS System Everything you need to get started with Vacuum-assisted clamping with the VAC SYS System. Support and manipulate material and workpieces with ease and flexibility not provided by other clamping solutions. Non-marring Vacuum Cups can be adapted to many different surface sizes while providing full access through 360º rotation and 90º tilting capacity.

VACSYS consists of VACPMP (201 064), VAC SYS SE1 Clamping Module (201 065) and Foot Valve (201 065).

| $1,835.00 203149

The VAC SYS Set provides the most complete system supported with one Vacuum Pump. Support full-sized material for easier access all VAC SYS System Set

Combining the VAC SYS Systemwith the additional Clamping Module SE 2. This set consists of VAC SYS System (203148) and VAC SYS SE2 Clamping Module (580062)

while reducing strain for less fatigue and better results. Easily connect two Clamping Modules and operate with one Foot Valve for quick clamping and releasing of material.



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