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Dust extraction

Just like so many of our tools, our abrasives are designed with dust extraction as a primary consideration. It isn’t enough to just put holes in the paper; they have to work together with the pad for optimum airflow while ensuring consistent finish results. All this with less mess and longer lasting abrasives. High quality Quality is more than what goes into making an abrasive—it’s what you get out of an abrasive. Festool abrasives are designed to match the performance of Festool sanders for the ultimate in finish quality; which is the quality that matters most. High performance A high-performance abrasive is one that cuts quickly and efficiently with minimal loading, uniform scratch patterns, durability and a long, long life. Get more mileage out of your abrasives with Festool.

Your best finish

Versatile Exceptional anti-clogging properties make Granat an ideal solution for a wide range of painted and finished surfaces, in addition to virtually any wood application.

Designed for rapid grit progression, you’ll spend less time getting from 80 to 220, achieving the best possible finished surface in the least amount of time.

Finish faster

Savemoney Since Rubin 2 is designed to prevent clogging due to the buildup of pitch and wood fibers, you’ll get up to 30% longer life out of every sheet.

Rubin 2 is designed to quickly shed wood fibers, eliminating clogging so the abrasive stays sharp, leading to a 30% faster removal rate.

system. unmatched.

Sanding pads

Easily overlooked but essential to ultimate sanding performance, Festool Sanding Pads are designed and built for perfectly smooth sanding results while surviving the most demanding applications. Available in different densities and types, sanding pads are the secret to great finishes.

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