Festool USA 2018 Catalog


VAC PMP Equipped with a resilient pump and induction motor this pump can run practically all day while providing continous suction performance for the most demanding clamping applications. Designed for use with Clamping Modules, this pump is efficient and quiet with a 55 decibel (dBA) rating. Roll cage design provides a compact format to fit under nearly any bench or work area. Easily monitor suction performance via the top-view pressure gauge. Set-ups are fast and easy with the tool-free air connection point. | $825.00 201064

VAC PMP VacuumPump


150 mbar

Pump Capacity

2.06 CFM (3.5 m3/h)

Power Consumption

120 watts / 1 amp, 120 V AC

Noise (Sound Level)

55 dBA

Motor Speed

3,300 RPM

Pump Speed

3,600 RPM

Ambient Temperature Range

41º F - 104º F (5º - 40º C)

Ambient Pressure

Atmospheric Pressure


20.4 lbs (9.25 kg)

Metric dimensions binding.



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