Festool USA 2018 Catalog

Multifunction Tables

MFT Accessories

A wide range of accessories will help you configure the MFT/3 to your needs. With a combination of clamping options, you’ll get a firm grip on your material, above, below or from the side. A grid-patterned surface and sturdy side profiles provide a secure foundation for efficient material processing, assembly and more.


MFT/3 MFT/3- Basic


Clamping Elements MFT-SP Clamp material from the edges or sides using the grid-hole pattern for uninterrupted surfaces. Works with square-, round-, or irregular-shaped material. (2 pieces)

$125.00 488030

Quick Clamp FS-HZ 160

$42.00 491594

Ratcheting mechanism provides easy locking, a secure grip on material, and a quick release. A perfect companion to the MFT/3, and fits seamlessly into the bottom T-slot of FS Guide Rails for limitless positioning and secure cutting. (1 piece) Screw Clamps Traditional screw clamp design features T-style head for use in the continuous T-slot of the Guide Rails to securely clamp to material. (2 pieces)

$46.00 489570 $59.00 489571

Clamping thickness 4-11/16" (120 mm)

Clamping thickness 11-13/16" (300 mm)

Cross Members MFT 3-QT Attach to MFT legs and frame for additional stabilization. (2 pieces)

$86.00 495502

system. unmatched.

Guide Rails Festool FS Guide Rails are available in eight different lengths from32" to 16.5' (800–5,000 mm) providing the right rail for every application.

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