Festool USA 2018 Catalog


498660 | $205.00

The SYS-Roll

Light, but able to carry a load, SYS-Roll is a convenient way to get SYSTAINERS to and from the worksite, no matter the terrain. It features integrated storage, reinforced risers and more.

495020 | $99.00

The SYS-Cart

With the low-profile, rugged SYS-Cart, create custom tool and accessory assortments for a job, maneuver where you need to go, and keep everything in place.

200119 | $170.00

SORTAINER SYS 4 The new SORTAINER SYS 4 boasts three large drawers with dividers in an all-new, lighter format than traditional SORTAINERS. Optional Storage Boxes can be used for even greater organization for greater onsite efficiency.


SYS-Combi 2 SYS-Combi 3

200117 $150.00

200118 | $160.00

Customize your storage needs by putting a tool and related accessories in one SYSTAINER. Large drawer provides quick access to commonly used accessories or small parts so you can do more with less.



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