Festool USA 2018 Catalog

Track Saws/Guide Rails


Parallel Side Fence Achieve precise, repeatable rip cuts with two adjustable stops that engage the edge

$300.00 Met. 495717 Imp. 201182

Parallel Guide Extension Perfect for making narrow repetitive rip cuts. Attaches to Parallel Guide and accepts

$170.00 Met. 495718 Imp. 200183 $350.00 Met. 203155 Imp. 203160 $360.00

Parallel Guide Set Includes both Slide Fence and Guide Extension

Hole Drilling Set

$535.00 584100

system. Enables precision placement of shelf pin holes in casework. (See page 77 for list of included accessories.)

Deflector Tool-free connection to Guide Rails via the T-slot and thumbscrew. Helps to prevent the suction hose and cords from catching on the end of the Guide Rail for easier cord and hose management. Limit Stop Set stop points on the Guide Rail for repeat cuts and plunge-cuts. Infinitely adjustable placement along the entire rail. Reduces the risk of kickback when initiating plunge-cuts.

$24.00 489022

$13.75 491582

Angle Unit Connects to the upper T-slot of FS Guide Rails for setting angles on material. 180° marked scale. Transfer angles from the wall to the workpiece.

$110.00 491588

Connector Connects two Guide Rails for long workpieces by sliding into the T-slot grooves in the rails. With 2 adjustable set screws per end for a secure connection. (1 piece; 2 are needed)

$20.00 482107

FS-Rapid Clamp Mounts to the Guide Rails via the continuous-bottom T-slot for limitless adjustability. Fast-acting trigger makes for quick setup. Clamps material on edge. (1 piece)

$59.00 489790

Quick Clamp Ratcheting mechanism provides easy locking, a secure grip on material, and a quick release. A perfect companion to the MFT/3, and fits seamlessly into the bottom T-slot of FS Guide Rails for limitless positioning and secure cutting. (1 piece)

$42.00 491594

Screw Clamps Traditional clamp design features T-style head for use in the continuous-bottom T-slot of the Guide Rails to securely clamp to material. (2 pieces)

$46.00 489570

Clamping thickness 4-11/16" (120 mm)

$59.00 489571

Clamping thickness 11-13/16" (300 mm)

Suction Handle Attach the Gecko clamp to clamp FS Guide Rails on nonporous materials. Lever

$99.00 493507

Suction Handle Equipped with dual quick-release suction cups for lifting and carrying loads up to 110 lbs. Great for moving nonporous material and sheet goods.

$80.00 492617

Adapter Suction Hose Adapter - For attaching Gecko clamp to FS Guide Rails. Included with the Gecko set (493 507). (Guide rail not included)

$30.00 492616

Bag most ideal way to transport rails, featuring two cloth strap handles and a shoulder strap.

$110.00 466357

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