Festool USA 2018 Catalog

Track Saws/Guide Rails

HK 55 EQ



Power consumption Li-ion battery capacity

– –

Battery voltage

Idle engine speed Saw blade diameter Angular range Cutting depth 45° Dust extraction connection dia. Weight with Li-ion

6-1/4" (160 mm)

6-1/4" (160 mm)

1-5/8" (42 mm)/1-1/2" (38 mm)

1-5/8" (42 mm)/1-1/2" (38 mm)

1-1/16"/1-7/16" (27/36 mm)

1-1/16"/1-7/16" (27/36 mm)

9.04 lbs (4.1kg)


9.7 lbs (4.4kg)

Metric dimensions binding.


Guide Rail FSK FSK 250

$160.00 769941

Straight and quick cross-cuts when paired with HK Carpenter Saws. Integrated adjustable angle stops can be easily set for angled cuts for quick and repeatable cuts. Self-retention and self-retraction features seamlessly connect to HK Saws making repeated cuts faster. 9.8” (250 mm) Cross-cut capacity.

$185.00 769942 $210.00 769943

Guide Rail FSK FSK 420 16.5” (420 mm) Cross-cut capacity.

Guide Rail FSK FSK 670 26.3” (670 mm) Cross-cut capacity.

Saw blade panther 160x1,8x20 PW12 Thin kerf (1.8 mm) fast-cutting rip blade with aggressive hook angle and deep gullets. Carbide-tipped ATB blade. Saw blade standard 160x1,8x20 W18 Thin kerf (1.8mm) coarse-cutting rip blade for use with building panels, wood and soft plastics. Carbide-tipped ATB blade. Fine tooth saw blade 160x1,8x20 W32 Thin kerf (1.8 mm) cross-cut blade for smooth results in sheet goods, melamine, hard and soft woods. Carbide-tipped ATB blade. Parallel Side Fence PA-HKC 55 Create parallel cuts from an edge. Can be used on both sides of the saw. Flip it over and it becomes an extension table. Dust Bag SB-TSC Keep the work space clean by virtually collecting all dust. When not in use bag folds down for space-saving transportation and storage. Includes a dust cap. Bag FSK420-BAG Easily and safely transport FSK Guide Rails. Equipped with shoulder strap. Available for the FSK 420 and FSK 670 rails.

$48.00 500463

$55.00 500461

$65.00 500462

$61.00 500464

$42.00 500393

$69.00 200160

$86.00 200161

Bag FSK670-BAG

Guide Rail FS HK/HKC Carpentry Saws are fully compatible with the existing line of FS Guide Rails. Use FS Guide Rails for plunge cuts, longer cross-cuts, and longer rips that exceed the capacity of the FSK rails.

Various Lengths

32” - 197”

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