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Dust extraction systemdesign

The flexible and removable rubber dust hood to the rear of the blade deflects waste material into the directional dust port for best-in-class 91% efficiency. MMC electronics With variable speed capability, the KAPEX enables you to match the speed of the blade to the requirements of the material, preventing burned or melted materials. Durable, easy-to-read scales Easily read and adjust cutting angles without straining your eyes. Oversized bevel scale facilitates precision angle setting and improves readability. FastFix saw blade changing system FastFix mechanism locks the blade for fast and easy blade changes in just a few steps.

Fine bevel adjustment

Capacity to rival 12" saws Rivaling most 12" saws, the KAPEX can handle 4-3/4" in its special cutting position, and 6-5/8" crown in the nested position. Can cut miters from 50° (left) to 60° (right).

Fine bevel adjustment with upfront controls, and large, easy-to-read gauges—coupled with a counterspringmechanism—ensures precise bevel placement.

Compact and lightweight With a rail-forward design, the KAPEX can be placed against a wall for all cutting tasks, maximizing the work space.

Dual-line lasers

Fully-adjustable dual-line lasers accurately define the cut area for precise cut placement. Material between these laser lines will be removed, making it easy to precisely align cuts from the left or the right.

system. unmatched.


Why keep your Festool compound miter saw confined to the shop? The KAPEX UG Cart is a rugged, mobile base designed for fast breakdown, simple setup and precise cutting. Seemore on page 59.

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