Briarfield Dental - March 2018

March 2018


When the Golf Schedule Arrives

Every winter, my brother has the uncanny ability to call when we’re having a particularly nasty snowstorm. I know he does this on purpose, because he always makes a point of asking how we’re handling the cold before telling us how he spent the day working up a sweat in his garden. He lives in Florida, so needless to say, his winters are a little more temperate. I like to think I get the last laugh come summer when I’m out playing golf in the sun and he’s trapped inside with his air conditioning. To be honest, as we trudge through the gray and cold of February each year, I envision myself sitting on a beach somewhere far away from winter’s grasp. But I never find myself fleeing south for good. I love living where we can enjoy the changing seasons. Plus, as rough as winters can be, it’s nice to live in a place where everyone knows how to deal with snow. “Over time, I’ve learned a person’s enjoyment of winter is proportional to how many winter activities they enjoy.” My son, Matt, lives down in Atlanta with his wife, Anne. If there’s even a threat of ice, the whole city shuts down. That can be pretty rough on travelers going through the busiest airport in the world. Atlanta isn’t prepared for snow. They don’t have a team

of plows ready to clear the roads and salt the sidewalks at a moment’s notice. Matt got to enjoy a few days off this year, and while our winter up here was pretty mild in comparison to other years, there were times I wished I could enjoy a snow day myself. Over time, I’ve learned a person’s enjoyment of winter is proportional to how many winter activities they enjoy. Here in Northwest Ohio, where everything is flat, snowfall doesn’t present much of an opportunity for new activities. However, for about a year, my wife and I lived in Traverse City, Michigan, where the locals genuinely look forward to winter. When the temperature drops, the people of Traverse City are more than ready to go out and enjoy the cold weather. They take advantage of skiing, snowshoeing, tubing,

and even ice fishing. Personally, I’ve never seen much sense in going onto a frozen lake, carving a hole in the ice, and sitting out there for hours. It’s not my cup of tea. While I enjoy the different seasons, spring is by far my favorite. You might have heard that the groundhog saw his shadow this year, which means six more weeks of winter. I don’t often believe Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions of when the seasons will change. For me, spring comes when I find a copy of my golf league schedule and Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition on my doorstep. When that day comes, you can bet I’ll be ready to buy more sunblock and wish winter a fond farewell. – Dr. Stuckey

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