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International Sports Group (ISG) coaches & wives on the ocean

Coach Wolforth’s session with New Zealand players

View of Auckland from the marina

We considered the fall to be a slow time 10 years ago, but it’s anything but slow now. The fall has become the time for us to take the Ranch on the Road™ to train players and coaches not only around the country but also around the world. It has become routine for us to have at least one baseball trip abroad during the fall, and this year is no different. In late September, Jill and I, in conjunction with the International Sports Group, traveled to New Zealand for a weekend coaches’ clinic. Several people have said, “We didn’t know they played baseball in New Zealand.” Actually, they really haven’t played much. The Kiwis have been steeped in softball (both men and women) for years but a few years ago, a small group decided they really want to push for baseball in the country. I can tell you they’re off to a great start. The enthusiasm of the coaches we worked with was amazing. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of many of these people, New Zealand will have a professional team in the Australian Baseball League (ABL) this winter. The league consists of teams from Australia, Korea, and now New Zealand. This is a winter ball league, so you will see several MiLB players on the roster this year. It’s really exciting to see and be part of something that’s starting on the ground floor. We feel extremely blessed that they’ve entrusted us to help with that development. And speaking of New Zealand, I’m a huge fan of the All Blacks, their famed rugby team — so much so that, as a part of our Extended Stay Summer Program, we have a leadership group called “Legacy,” whose name came straight from the book written about the All Blacks. It was a treat for me to be able to ask a lot of questions about the game of rugby and the All Blacks. I am grateful for the patience people showed me in trying to explain many of the details. I have a new appreciation

ISG group enjoying some New Zealand wine after a wine tour

for people trying to understand the game of baseball, because I am still confused on the rugby rules.

This month I’d be remiss if, while talking about development, I didn’t remind everyone of our 19th Annual Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp taking place Dec. 6–9 at The Ranch. It’s really exciting that two of our 15 presenters, Brent Strom of the Houston Astros and Derek Johnson of the Milwaukee Brewers, both made it to the playoffs. I hope you’ll join us, but if you can’t, make sure you order the DVDs. I promise you’re going to want them as part of your baseball library. Information and registration can be found at CoachesBootCamp.com.

–Coach Wolforth


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