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KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter issue no 50 | september 2012 TÊTE-À -TÊTE Dr.Dhananjay Keskar, Director ,

THE CONNOISSEUR’S ORATE Mr. Ram Menen, Divisional SeniorVice President - Cargo, Emirates elaborates on - ‘An Agent of Transformation’

ICFAI Business School enlightens us on -‘The need for a Corporate Guru’


1. What does a corporate guru do when he takes over an organization that needs to be transformed? First, you draw a big picture and look for the right talent at the right time and the right place. Those involved see the big picture developing; they become like the members in an orchestra. Everyone has the right expertise in an orchestra and all of them can play their instruments perfectly, however, the music comes to life when the conductor is in front, keeping everyone in sync; the passion actually comes from the conductor. The question is ‘are you able to build the expertise together, and manage that bigger picture?’


Mr. RamMenen

Mr.RamMenen began his career in aviation in 1976with Kuwait Airways.He later moved to British Airways to head its cargo operations in Kuwait. After a brief interlude to set up an airfreight forwarding unit for a Kuwaiti Shipping Group, went back to the airline industry and became a member of the founding team of Emirates Airline where he continues to head the cargo division. He is one of the founder members of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA),the premier organization for the entire air logistics business,serving asVice President in 1993 and 1994,and as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board in 1995 and 1996. He continues to be involved with TIACA as a Trustee and member of the Chairman’s Council.He served as the Chairman of the IATA

Cargo Committee between 2008-12 and continues to be member of the committee.He also serves as the Vice President of CILT (UAE Chapter). Mr. Menen has won many awards like the special achievement award by International Freighting Weekly (IFW), UK in 2000, Innovator of the Year, LOG Middle East Magazine in 2010, Life Time Achievement Award by Air Cargo News,UK in 2011,Hall of Fame,TIACA,SCATA,ITP,Dubai in 2012 andmany more.He has been a resolute champion of air logistics industry and is actively involved in the development of various IT initiatives to address the needs of the industry. He has helped focus attention on cargo as an integral part of the world trade process.

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Darshini Thakkar , Associate Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, has completed her Masters in Business Administration in Finance and has a passion for Human Resource Management. She loves to follow her passion which is to bring transformational change in lives of people by interacting with them and analyzing their behaviour. She believes that working diligently towards your interest can bring inner satisfaction and bliss to oneself.

Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited is a leading Human Resource Training & Consulting Organization partnering with some of the best brands in the country and overseas.Atyaasaa has been a catalyst and a contributor in their quest for people development and business excellence. The core differentiator of Atyaasaa process is continual innovation, unique customization and use of state of the art technology tools. These are implemented through ethical and experienced operations and human resource facilitators having contribution as their core value.

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Neha Agrawal , Associate Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, has completed her MBA in Human Resources and Marketing, graduation in Homoeopathic Medicine, along withMS in Counselling Psychology. She has the right mix of understanding the human mind and body, while applying the knowledge to improve workplace behaviour and contributing to organizational effectiveness. She enjoys reading, sketching and travelling.

KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter

issue no 50 | september 2012

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Whereas, typical managers are administrators; they have walls around them. A leader sees through the walls. He is neither hesitant, nor afraid to venture into unchartered territory and experiment. 2. What would a corporate guru do to ensure that the team starts thinking, instead of just doing the job? People‘s ability to think is dampened when no one is listening. If a person has a thought and it is not developed, he wonders ‘why should I think!’. Vision is a dreamwith a deadline. A dream remains a dream if nothing is done to make it a reality. When creating a team, you are creating a group of visioneers (vision engineers). You have to value dreams and passion of others. If you want to inspire others, you need to get inspired yourself; and your inspiration usually comes from the people and team around you. It is a two-way street. 3. What should a corporate guru do, if he finds some musicians in his orchestra are not in sync? Very gently pass the message to get them back in sync. It is like you have a huge ball of cotton, and tuck it in the right place or help them tuck it. Usually people go out of sync because they are not seeing the bigger picture. Every time I take a few steps forward, I take one step backward, to ensure everybody is aligned. There can be a personal problem, a business problem, or they are struggling because they are not able to keep up with the pace. Once you have found what the challenge is, help the person to deal with it and overcome it. If they are not able to overcome the challenge, it is best to part with the organization. The inefficient performance of one person may act as a challenge for the rest of the team. Also, that person is struggling, and you are causing him or her more damage by constantly putting pressure. 4. What could a corporate guru do to overcome the turbulent times that organizations tend to go through often and on? Your ability to deal with turbulence depends on how lean and mean, agile you are in good times. You need to understand that no two turbulences are the same. Part of it is also the team dynamics. The team is like a soccer team. They all have roles on the field; as the ball comes around; they support each other and position themselves in places where they can take the ball when it is passed on. One should not monopolize the ball and try to take it all alone to the goal as the objective is to take the ball to the opponent’s goal as efficiently, with the least resistance and without tiring much, to maintain endurance and be able to constantly perform to win the game. A good team effort can be more powerful and efficient than an individual performance. 5. How a corporate guru ensures that a team constantly performs at a peak level? Keep the fire burning in them. Often, people are constantly being told what to do. If given a benchmark, they will raise their own benchmark. But sometimes they are not able to achieve that because you are

constantly interfering. People shouldn’t feel that if I am going to make a mistake, I will be castigated. People make mistakes when they are trying to solve a problem and doing something about this difficult situation. The chances are that, given the experience and expertise they hold, they will be right more often than wrong. Sometimes when they go wrong, correct them and share with others, so that they learn from one another. Communication without fear is very-very important. It is something that keeps the motivation going. 6. What is your message for other corporate gurus to help them become successful? I would like to say that respect others, and they will respect you; respect people for their capabilities. You might have done something 30 years back, but that was 30 years back. Things have changed and are changing, don’t live in the past. Today is reality, if you don’t survive today, you won’t be there in future. Let what can happen in the future dictate how we manage today, so that you are charting your way forward and not backwards and that too without carrying the baggage of yesterday. It is also very important to pick the right team and give a vision to them. The views expressed in this article are solely of those of the person interviewed.

KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter

issue no 50 | september 2012

THE NEED FOR A CORPORATE GURU TÊTE-À-TÊTE Dr. DhananjayKeskar 1. How does an academician, as a corporate guru, make the industry - academia interface more effective and add value to the business?

An academician needs to aim high, cross the boundaries and evolve into bigger roles. There is a need for emphasis on industry - academia interaction. The recent report is a red flag, where it is said that 79% of MBA graduates are unemployable. It is not a true picture and one shouldn’t get into blame game. We need to work together. Corporate needs to open up to academia and academicians, too, have to make an effort. Networking is the key – for corporate readiness, knowledge sharing, learning opportunities and application based education.

Dr. Dhananjay Keskar is a Mechanical Engineer and a post graduate in Business Management.He has Ph.D. in management.He has rich and varied work experience at top level management positions. He has worked for 13 years in India and 15 years abroad with foreign organizations. From the past 10 years, he is a Professor in Marketing with ICFAI Business School,a leading B School in India.He has been heading the B school since 2004. Dr.Keskar is also a member of the Board of Governors of ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) for the last six years and was a chairman of ASCI in the year 2009-10. He is a Public Nominee Director appointed by SEBI on the

board of Pune Stock Exchange Ltd.He has edited three books namely,“Retail Industry – ChangingTrends”(2006), “Mobile Telephony Business – An Introduction” (2007) & “Mobile Telephony Devices - The Technological Revolution” (2009), published by ICFAI University Press. He is also a guide to six students pursuing their Ph.D. programme presently. Recently, Dr. Keskar was recognized as Fellow by All India Management Association (AIMA) during their 17th convocation in New Delhi on August 14,2012.

4. How can a corporate guru create winning organizations and contribute in organizations’ transformation? To create a winning organization, we must have a clear vision and well defined goals. Then, we need to have the right kind of team and resources. We must provide motivation to the team, lead by example, empower the team, have confidence in team, and show them the confidence with appreciation, where deserved. Also, give feedback for corrective action when needed, without mincing any words. Transformations need a bold approach. First stage is to recognize the problem and chalk out the solution. And then go head-on with the solution, do whatever is required to bring about the change, no matter how tough. 5. What is your vision and message for the society, especially young India? Be optimistic, have a positive attitude and strive for growth. Create positive energy in the environment also. Have team spirit, share the vision with team. Do your best, excel and always give more than hundred percent. The future of young India is bright; the aspirations and expectations are rising, and so are the opportunities. The views expressed in this article are solely of those of the person interviewed.

2. What would be your appeal to the business organizations, so that such an alliance is proved to be successful? Organizations can employ the tried and tested methods of academic alliance, such as certification programmes, strategic tie-ups, etc. Scientific and structured models are instrumental in the growth of an organization. In USA, the research and analysis of organizational needs is conducted jointly by academia and consulting firms. We need to implement the same framework here. Often, organizations miss out on a background of knowledge; decisions are taken based on situational analysis only. Collaboration between education sector and business organizations will create an effective partnership. 3. How does a corporate guru help in building nations and good citizens? The way to go is by nurturing talent, giving right direction and motivation to the young and the enthusiastic. We need to channelize their thoughts and energy. We, at IBS, are on a mission to do the same by inculcating in the students a strong sense of discipline, commitment and willingness to give more than hundred percent.


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