Knockout® Luxury Vinyl Plank Warranty

EXCLUSIVE LIMITED WARRANTY Knockout® luxury vinyl planks are backed by a (1) year Limited warranty covering manufacturing defects. If the product is found to be defective, Feather Lodge will supply new product of the same color, size and gauge for replacement . Products damaged by improper installation will not be considered as a valid claim. Limited “Wear” Warranty / 5 years Commercial / 10 Years Residential Feather Lodge warrants that there will be no wear-through the wear layer for the period stated above. Wear Through means a complete loss of the wear layer so the printed layer is no longer visible or is affected. This warranty applies only applies when proper installation and maintenance procedures are followed. You and your installer should carefully check each piece prior to installation. Any pieces that appear to have visual defects should not be installed. Coverage is not provided for product installed with visual defects or product not installed as directed. Feather Lodge reserves the right to inspect any claim.  Limited commercial warranty applies from the date of purchase and only to the original owner of the floor.  Wear from chairs or other furniture without proper floor protectors will void the warranty.  Indentations, scratches or surface damage caused by improper maintenance, misuse, negligence, spike heeled shoes, pebbles, sand, or other abrasives are not covered by this warranty.  Sub-floor irregularities can cause premature wear on the Knockout® luxury vinyl plank wear layer and will void the warranty.  Dissatisfaction due to improper installation or installation contrary to Knockout® recommendations are not covered by this warranty.  Problems due to moisture, mildew, alkaline substances, or hydrostatic pressure in the sub-floor are not covered by this warranty.  Using non-recommended floor care products may damage the floor and void the warranty.  Purchase of “seconds”, “remnants”, “mill trials” or other “irregular” (non-first quality) flooring material, or material not part of, or available from Feather Lodge® are not warranted.  The warranty only applies to new installations.  Any and all labor costs associated with the initial installation or labor for replacement of defective material is not covered by this warranty. Note: If the floor fails to perform as stated in the applicable Limited Warranty, Feather Lodge® will, at its option: (i) repair without charge the affected flooring to conform to the warranty; or (ii) replace the affected flooring without charge, with flooring of equal value and/ or quality. Replacement floors are warranted here under only for the remaining time of the original warranty and are not warranted to match samples or marketing materials (i.e. photographs, website, etc) or match in color, dye lot, and gloss with your existing floor. THESE ARE YOUR EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES UNDER THE LIMITED WARRANTIES SET FORTH ABOVE. UNDER THE TERMS OF THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES, FEATHER LODGE® WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, NO MATTER WHAT THE CAUSE. THERE ARE NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, EXTENDING BEYOND THE TERMS OF THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES. EXCEPT AS SET FORTH HEREIN, THERE ARE NOT EXPRESS WARRANTIES MADE BY FEATHER LODGE®. Please reference website for specific warranty details. Exclusions to Warranties

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