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TrackerDBisacommercialscalecomponent leveltrackingandmanagementprogram. Leveragingcloudtechnology, TrackerDBofers connectivityonanyinternetenableddevice. It supportsanyscopeandsizeofasetonpower, oil&gas, petrochemical, orlargescale industrialprojects,  Fulycustomizablereportingandrealtime tracking  Validationoftherealtimestatusof yourproject, benchmarkingtheactual progrestotheoreticaloroptimalscheduling  Integrationofconstructionmodeling software, documentcontrolsoftware, and more  Familiarspreadsheetstylelayoutto incorporatecurentindustrybestpractices andminimizetrainingrequirements  Worldclascustomersupportwithdirect acestoleadprogrammersanddevelopers  Completecustomizationoftheprogram tailoredto yourworkøow

TrackerDBisdesigned tosupportthefolowing industries: -Power -Oil&Gas -Petrochemical -Renewables -Industrial -Largescalecommercial

Theageoftheoutofthebox, cumbersome, softwareisfinalyover. Clientsare abletobuilduponarobustfoundationwithdirectinputtoleaddevelopersresultingina programthatisuniqueandtailoredspecificalytoyou, theclient. NomoreadaptingyourworkflowtoaCMSprogram. TrackerDBisbuiltaroundyour workflowandwiloperateacordingtowhatmakesyousucesful. Reportingisfuly customizabledowntospecificcoloringandbrandingneeds. TrackerDBalsoofers completelycustomizableturnoverpackagedesignandcompilingwithoptionalindustry leadingFULLYdigitalturnoverproceses.

 Everyclientutilizesaseparateservertoensuredataarenotcommingled  TrackerDButilizesindustrystandarddataencryptiontosecureclient’sintelectual property  TrackerDBusesgrouppolicyloginframeworktooferfulcustomizationofaces levelsforeachTrackerDBuser

 24/7usersupportforfirsttwoweeksofanewproject  Ongoing12hourresponseguaranteeanywhereintheworldaftertwoweeks  Directacestoleaddeveloperthroughmultiplelinesofcommunication  Supportisthekeytolonglastingrelationshipsandwethriveonensuringourclients arearereceivingthesupporttheyneedtoachievesucesontheirprojects


Our pricing is as transparent and easy to understand as our program

Transparency is at the heart of TrackerDB 0 One monthly subscription fee for the entire TrackerDB database. PERIOD. 0 Our competitors use forests to create their pricing sheet proposals. We use one sheet. 0 Pricing can be customized by individual project or corporate license 0 Customer support is always available to support your needs and is included at no cost in the subscription fee This philosophy equates to a simple, easy to understand subscription fee with no hidden charges, so you can focus on your main goal of safely finishing the project on time and under budget


0 Your success is our success 0 TrackerDB is built on a partnership model with our clients 0 We want the success of the program to aid in achieving the overall goals of a safe, successful startup 0 BecauseTrackerDBwas developed by seasoned commissioning engineers in the field, we understand what is needed to be successful on a project and have built that in to TrackerDB 0 TrackerDB, in its simplest form, is one of many tools that can be used to complete a project . We tailor our software to help effectively complete yours


On large scale projects, variability is the only certainty. Build confidence and peace of mind by utilizing TrackerDB to track and manage all of your projects in real time from anywhere in the world. Utilizing best practices from commissioning engineers over the past 30 years, TrackerDB incorporates all that works well on projects while transitioning those methodologies to a 21st century cloud based framework. Teammembers can collaborate simultaneously, mitigating duplication and redundancy of work. Realize significant cost savings from added oversight to manage manpower loading/ unloading, traveling to and from site, vendor management, potential delays or pinch points, all from the convenience of your laptop, phone or tablet. Now you can be in multiple places at once with TrackerDB. V arious projects can be managed all on one simple platform. Switching projects is as easy as the click of a button.


We at Rev1 make a significant investment back in to Research & Development. To ensure TrackerDB is always the leader in cutting edge technology, we focus heavily on research and development. This is what makes TrackerDB the leading CMS software in the world. Our commitment to R&D begins with our TrackerDB R&DAdvisory board comprised of the world's foremost experts in construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and startup. The advisory board represents the commitment and focus on new technology to better enhance TrackerDB for our clients.




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