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November 2018

“Are Your Children Getting Frustrated After School?” LEARNING DISABILITY & CHALLENGES

Is your child struggling with a learning disability or a learning challenge? Everything from difficulties with fine motor skills to challenges for an autistic child can make it difficult for children to reach their full potential. Both physical and occupational therapy can help a child overcome several types of learning disabilities and help them achieve more physically, socially, and academically. Call our office to schedule a free consultation to find out how therapy can help your child overcome disabilities and reach new goals! (continued inside)

Pediatric Health The Newsletter About Taking Care Of The Ones That Matter Most

November 2018

“Help Your Child See Their Potential In Education!” LEARNING DISABILITY & CHALLENGES

Inside: • What Methods Can Be Used To Overcome Learning Challenges?

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What Types of Conditions can Occupational Therapy Help? Nearly any type of learning disability a child may be struggling with can be treated with occupational therapy. Several specific conditions that may benefit from occupational therapy include the following: Visual and Auditory Processing Difficulties. Children with visual or hearing processing disorders can often benefit from working with an occupational therapist. A therapist can determine whether your child is suffering from an impairment or a processing disorder, and then provide the appropriate treatment. Improve Handwriting Skills. An occupational therapist can teach your child to more effectively hold a pencil and develop hand and finger coordination that can improve writing skills. Therapy can also improve hand strength and develop visual-motor integration. Autism Spectrum Disorder. Occupational therapists can both evaluate and provide therapy options for children with autism. Therapy can help an autistic child respond appropriately to different types of stimuli, improve

motor skills, and learn how to more effectively transition from one activity to another. ADHD -TherapycanhelpchildrenwithADHDorADDbecomemoreorganized and function more efficiently in their everyday lives. Therapy can help your child learn to more effectively handle and even eliminate distractions that may trigger negative behavior. Personal Care Concerns. Personal care can present challenges for some children. Occupational therapy can help children develop fine and gross motor skills that will enable them to more effectively perform daily personal care. Social Interactions. Social skills are critical to learning and overall development, especially in a school setting. Many children may benefit from therapy to improve their social interactions. A therapist can help your child break down and understand the steps and tasks involved in a game or other types of playing. Strategies can be implemented to help your child play better in different environments.


There are several specific methods that can be used to help your child overcome learning challenges. A professional may use different types of speech training, with an emphasis on articulation and expressive and receptive language skills. An occupational therapist may suggest that a child use standing desks or exercise balls to improve their ability to learn. Academic tutoring during and after school may also be implemented. A trained therapist can set realistic goals and guidelines for achieving each particular goal. A therapist can even work with parents to help them learn how to help their child at home. As a parent, you can be given the tools to work with your child on a daily basis. You can help your child read better, listen more effectively, and more fully develop fine and gross motor skills. Learning ways to make your home more adaptive and how to reduce distractions can create an environment that promotes the highest levels of learning. What Should you Look for in an Occupational Therapy Professional? It’s important to find a highly trained and qualified occupational therapist to work with your child. Not only should the therapist meet all educational and licensing requirements in your state, but should also have the ability to relate well to children. A good therapist has the ability to minimize a child’s frustration and make work seem like play. An occupational therapist that provides “play-based” evaluations will enable your child to feel more comfortable while being evaluated in a natural state of play. Physical or occupational therapy can help your child overcome the challenges of many different types of learning disabilities. The earlier a child starts, the more successful therapy is likely to be. Contact our office for more information on how occupational therapy can make a difference!


Patient Spotlight

“This is one of the best experiences thus far!”

“Sensational Kidz is a great company to work with. The staff is very courteous and professional. My eight year old son received occupational and speech therapy from this company and he has a great relationship with all of his therapists. He has not been receiving therapy for too long however, there is already improvement in his behavior and focus. I find the flexibility that this agency employs towards the scheduling valuable. I have worked with other agencies and this is one of the best experiences thus far. I highly recommend them.” - P. Davidson

LEARNING DISABILITIES & NUTRITION • Proper nutrition can help a child cope with the symptoms of their learning disability. 1 • Food allergies and food intolerances can cause a child increased difficulty in dealing with their learning disabilities. 1 • Artificial food colors and other food additives can negatively affect behavior in children with learning disabilities. 1 • Certain supplements like omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help children with learning disabilities. 1 Make an appointment with us and our dietitian today to help ensure your child is getting the right foods and support.

1.Geving, Joyce, “Nutritional Interventions to Improve Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (2017). Culminating Projects in Special Education. 35.

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