A Return to In-Venue Meetings Thursday 14 October Harvey Ni…

A Return to In-Venue Meetings Thursday 14 October Harvey Nichols, Bristol


“Fun, fun, fun!! I had honestly forgotten how much fun face to face meetings are at EVO. It was lovely to be back at Harvey Nice today meeting friends new and old. Thank you to Jamie and Matt, for such a wonderful event”. Alison Edgar MBE Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Quite simply the best Networking agency I’ve been involved with“. Kevin Hire Head Of Relationships at Vindico

“Real people in real life. Wonderful to be back back shaking hands, bumping fists and knock elbows.” Jonathan Atkinson, Financial Advisor McKenzie & Co. “I must admit I was nervous after almost 2 years of networking purely on Zoom. Jamie and the EVO teammade everyone feel welcome and safe with great care taken over social distancing and stickers to wear indicating our willingness to make physical contact or not. Matt Richardson led the meeting and brought a sense of energy and fun to the whole process, and it really helped put everyone at ease… The most important thing though was that the event offered an opportunity to really connect with people in a way that I now realise is much harder over Zoom. I made some great connections and got to know several remarkable people who I am very much looking forward to seeing again in the near future.”

Orion Abbot-Davies Head of Customer Outreach kinherit

"The value of EVO is far beyond Networking its a Community of like minded people, who want to support, encourage, share the ups and downs and experiences of being in business no matter the size or scale" Graham Ash - EVO Sierra Group Leader Retail Leader, Former MD of Clarks UK & Europe

“EVO Networking events attract high quality attendees and the organisers put a great deal of effort into finding quality venues and hosting enjoyable events. The result is that more often than not you find yourself sitting with individuals whom there is genuine scope for you to do business with, making the experience both enjoyable and very worthwhile”.

Keith Seward Director, Compass Video

“Well what can I say about this morning! What an amazing networking breakfast for the return of EVO face to face meeting There was so much energy in the room!… It was great to hear Alison Edgar MBE speak about her story.” Adam Rooke. Director Professional Apprenticeships

“EVO was my first networking group and my loyalty to Jamie Breese remains steadfast. EVO offers so much for everyone; you can choose which group fits you best or you can attend a different group on each day of the week. You will meet fantastic people like I have, special thanks to Jamie Breese, Matt Richards, Fanny Snaith, Andrea Sexton, Alex Alton who are just some of the people that I have built great connections with and enjoy their humour, insights and being part of the bigger team.” Come along to EVO and make new connections that are meaning full and last. Tracey Carter – Leadership and Business Coach

“I attended my first EVO networking event at Harvey Nichols and I cannot express how beneficial and inclusive this event was. As a degree apprentice, I was warmly welcomed into the event where I was able to build my network and find new opportunities (both for my company and personal development). I highly recommend EVO as a way to meet new like-minded professionals, increase your company's exposure and build your network.” Kyra Hardy, B2B Sales Degree Apprentice at Combe Grove

“It was a very useful and enjoyable start to the workday, meeting budding entrepreneurs and business representatives, who all had much value to bring to the table. Refreshing to be attending an in-person meeting as good as this one!” William Thomas - carbonmanagers.com

“As I came through the early light this morning in Bristol - heading into a wonderful networking group – I was so pleased to be back in person. I would just echo the sentiments that already exist, that longer term relationships are so much more worthwhile than short term ones. Appreciate your company and group greatly”. James Dawes, Principal, JWD Mortgages

“The buzz of conversations was a delight. An in person mastermind was inspirational. It was a challenge to get the room cleared by 10.00 so that the amazing Harvey Nicks staff could re- configure the room into a restaurant. That was a first having to shoo people out of the room 30 mins after the event had officially finished. Those great conversations were so engaging and no one wanted to leave. Result!” Halina Jaroszewska Executive Coach

“I’m starting out in my career, so it was truly inspiring to be able to be in a room and connect with entrepreneurs, industry experts and even an MBE! It’s a great session to share your opinions/views, but also learn from others, inspiring ideas

which can be implemented into our businesses to help and improve.” Charlotte Gazzard Professional Apprenticeships

Amazing morning! Honestly it felt good to be back in a room of people. The true testament to it working was the buzz in the room after the meeting, so many conversation, and what an atmosphere. Alex Alton, Principal of Alton Wealth Management

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