Livable Future NOW - Winter 2023

FINDING COMMUNITY WHILE FIGHTING FOR THEIR FUTURE Climate-change-fueled disasters are increasing in frequency and ferocity, and the weight of the crisis is growing heavier by the day. For many, this has led to feelings of anxiety and even nihilism. In the face of such a huge, complicated problem, with so many powerful forces working against solutions, it’s tempting to throw up our hands and wait for the world to burn.

A MESSAGE FOR YOU You and I have gone through incredible ups and downs this year. We banned gas hook-ups in new buildings in New York State, forced Easterday Dairy to cancel plans for a mega-dairy in Oregon, and defeated a proposed liquid natural gas plant in St. Joe, Florida. We also endured devastating floods in the northeast and record-high temperatures nationwide. Air quality alerts triggered by thick smoke from Canadian wildfires kept many of us indoors. And the deadly fires in Maui broke our hearts. Through thick and thin, I’m so grateful for you and our wonderful Food & Water Watch community. Our wins were that much sweeter because we celebrated them together, as we did at our Against All Odds benefit. And our pains were that much easier to bear because we processed them together. This issue of Livable Future NOW highlights what a vital role commu- nity plays in our fight for change. I’ve always believed that when we band together, we can overcome overwhelming hardships as well as accomplish remarkable things — this year proved that in spades. Thank you for your care and commitment!

Climate anxiety has become a daily part of life, and that may be especially true for many young people. They will be on this planet longer than any politician or CEO currently blocking action in the halls of power.

Wenonah Hauter Executive Director

Cover: Food & Water Watch volunteer Kaitlyn Quach at September's March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City. Photo by Ken Schles

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