Livable Future NOW - Winter 2023



leaders promising to take climate action. Together, we demanded the Biden administration do more to curb climate change by ending our reliance on fossil fuels. Your generosity powered the organization and the incredible turnout at this march. You

Photo by Ken Schles

End Fossil Fuels . This march came ahead of the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit, a gathering of world

On September 17, tens of thou- sands of Food & Water Watch supporters and allies gathered in New York City for the March to

brought together activists of all stripes and showed how unifying our call to end fossil fuel use is. Thank you!

A Celebration of Your Achievements

Against All Odds is a once-a- year opportunity to celebrate and learn from experts with generous people — like you! — who fight for our planet and make Food & Water Watch such a powerful community to be part of.

Jaquette Ray offered advice from her book A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet , and we laid out our strategy for keep- ing the pressure on in 2024, a pivotal

A ga i ns t A ll Od d s

ICYMI: Watch the conference!

election year. At the New York City benefit, we celebrated honorees Dr. Sandra Steingraber, a leader in the fight to ban fracking, and Dr Alan and Karen Warren, activists committed to electing climate champi- ons and championing the next generation.

In October, Food & Water Watch members celebrated at our biggest event of the year — Against All Odds. We kicked off the virtual confer- ence with a special message from Jane Fonda and discussed the future of climate action with youth activists Elise Joshi and Vic Barrett. In sessions, Sarah

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watch the recording of the Against All Odds virtual conference featuring Jane Fonda.


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