Healthy Kids - Winter 2023


Telemedicine was virtually unheard of before the pandemic but has since become an essential resource for patients and parents. While the restrictions that spurred the rise in telemedicine visits have relaxed, their popularity has not wavered. Though video visits aren’t appropriate in every situation, it’s apparent that this convenient form of care has made a lasting impression in the health care community. VIRTUAL HEALTH Telemedicine is Trending at Rady Children’s

Video visits can be used for primary care, specialty care, urgent care, behavioral health, developmental services and more. Your child’s doctor will have access to their records at Rady Children’s and will be able to provide the same top-quality care that you would expect at an in-person visit. Primary physicians and specialists may be able to review symptoms using your smart device, diagnose and treat new or recurring medical conditions and minor injuries, answer questions, order lab tests and imaging, prescribe medications and discuss treatment plans. Note that some types of visits are better suited to telehealth than others. For instance, adolescents seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist may feel more at ease accessing therapy from home. However, some conditions must be tested for and diagnosed in-person, such as ear infections and strep throat. It’s also important to build a relationship with your child’s pediatrician, so they may recommend in-person visits. WHAT CAN BE TREATED VIA TELEHEALTH

The Benefits of Telemedicine

„ Video visits save time and travel costs „ Telehealth visits reduce exposure to germs „ Patients can refill medications and be prescribed new ones without an in-person visit „ Patients outside the San Diego area have increased access

THOUGH PROTECTING PEOPLE DURING THE PANDEMIC was the most pressing priority, telemedicine has many other benefits. „ Your child’s physician or specialist can address a variety of medical issues, treat chronic conditions and follow up after an in-person visit „ Video visits may help ease the minds of anxious patients by allowing them to receive care in their own home


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