Law Offices of Barry Doyle March 2019

March 20 marks the first day of spring, and with it comes spring- cleaning. Many people are busy cleaning and organizing their homes as they prepare for spring and summer activities. I’ve found that, even over the past year, a lot of things can start to pile up. Being an attorney and working in a law firm, our paperwork tends to pile up like nobody’s business. To stay organized, my team and I make sure to go through all our documents to see what we need to keep and what we can properly dispose of. Truthfully, we never throw out much, if any, of our paperwork; instead, we focus on making sure the documents are in order. I also take time to assess the past year and decide where the firm can grow. It’s important to try and up your game when it comes to practicing law. It’s crucial to refresh and look at the practice to see where you succeeded and if there are any areas that need work. Cleaning up the habits I’ve developed, the forms I use, and the way I do certain things benefits my clients.

And the good news is that when you’re a smaller firm like we are, you can make these adjustments without worrying about stepping too much on anyone else’s toes. Many people don’t have to worry about the organization process that goes on within a firm — their focus is a little closer to home. Spring is a great time to open your windows and let in a nice breeze while you tackle a cleaning project you normally wouldn’t do. This is also one of the best times to go through any legal documents you have and get them organized and ready for the rest of this year. One document I would highly recommend looking over is your insurance coverage. After you go through the process of getting coverage, you probably won’t think about it until you need it, which usually isn’t until after you’ve been involved in an accident. There’s a lot that can happen between when you first signed up and now; laws change, people get married, cars come and go, and houses are purchased. Taking a look at the coverage you have compared to how much you should have is essential for yourself, your assets, and your family. Besides insurance, it is also a great time to look through your other legal assets and documents such as your retirement savings and estate plan. If you’re still building a retirement fund, now is a good time to look over how much you’ve saved so far and how much you still need so you can adjust accordingly. Updating your estate plan is equally important. Make sure you review your trust, living will, will, and power of attorney documents to ensure they’re taken care of and include exactly what you want. Whether you’re cleaning your home, going through important documents, or both, I hope you all have a productive spring- cleaning this year!

– Barry G. Doyle

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