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With all the legal dramas on TV and cutthroat court cases featured in the news, it can be easy to forget that lawyers are more than intimidating silhouettes in suits and ties. We’re people, too, and at Goldberg & Weigand, we like to think we’re in the profession for the right reasons. We chose personal injury law not to “make the big bucks” or get our names in newspaper headlines, but to help others who are hurt, scared, or down on their luck. When we were young, we just wanted to be lawyers, but now, our daily goal is to use the law to secure better futures for all of our clients. law came early. His parents told him that even as a young child growing up in New York, he could always win an argument. He was very good at persuading people and loved to debate his friends and classmates. That stubborn, competitive streak made him a perfect fit for law, and, once he started studying at Suffolk University Law School, he gravitated toward personal injury because he loved working for the “small guy” and making his clients’ lives better. and took a job with a sole practitioner. He loved the work and settled on taking personal injury cases exclusively in the late 1980s. In 1989, Peter struck out on his own, taking the same kind of cases Goldberg & Weigand takes today: personal injury, auto accidents, workers’ compensation, dog bites, and wrongful death claims. In 1994, Peter moved his office full-time to Cape Cod and purchased the building Goldberg & Weigand still practices in today. For Peter, the founder and managing partner of Goldberg & Weigand, the urge to get into Peter graduated near the very top of his class, eschewed the big law firms in Boston

extended fulfillment in helping families in the community he grew up in.

We’ve been working together on Cape Cod since the ‘90s and are proud of our place in the community. We both live in nearby Sandwich and love exploring the coast with our families. See, we actually take time away from the office to pursue our hobbies, and that’s something you never see those TV lawyers do. Blair has been racing sailboats since he was 7 years old and loves to be out on the water. When he’s on dry land, you can find him playing tennis or spending time with his 17-year-old son, Johnathan, who likes to play football and work on his car. For Peter’s part, he and his wife, Tracy had a small farm where they bred and raised horses, and, when he gets time away, he loves to play golf and scuba dive. He has a stepson, Corey, who lives in Detroit; his 21-year-old daughter, Molly, is studying to be a veterinarian at Clemson University; and his 18-year-old son, Sam, is heading to Elon University this fall. In fact, we’d like to dedicate this newsletter edition to Sam, who you might know as the voice of Goldberg & Weigand on the radio. He’s been doing our spots since he was a squeaky-voiced 9-year-old, and it’s no secret that he’s more well-known around town because of this than his dad. We’d love to keep Sam around forever, but, with his college courses coming up, it’s hard to say whether he’ll be able to continue voicing our commercials. All told, we’ve had a great run together, and we’re proud of Sam’s hard work.

Blair has been practicing law for 27 years, 18 of which as a partner at Goldberg & Weigand. His interest in law was ignited by his older brother, who headed off to study law while Blair was in middle school. Blair followed in his footsteps and never looked back, attending New England Law in Boston and going on to work as an assistant district attorney for Plymouth and Barnstable Counties. He left for private practice in 1992, where he worked personal injury cases for a high-powered political law firm in Boston. Blair chose personal injury cases for the challenges and rewards of helping hurt individuals and families face off and succeed against powerful insurance companies. The formation of Goldberg & Weigand brought Blair back to Cape Cod, where he was raised in West Dennis. On the Cape, Blair has ties that go back to nursery school, and he finds WE’RE HERE TO HELP WHY WE CHOSE PERSONAL INJURY LAW

– Peter Goldberg & Blair Weigand



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