WV Weddings Fall Winter 2020


From “Will you marry me?” That’s right. Year after year Snowshoe plays host to countless camera-worthy marriage proposals, each with a juicy twist of its own. When asked what draws so many couples to the mountain for what is often the first big leap in their journey together, Katie Leitsch, Snowshoe Mountain’s Wedding Planner, says it really varies from one couple to the next. “No two stories are the same, but I think we can all agree on one thing: no matter what activities brought you here, this place leaves a mark on you,” she says. “This mountain has a way of drawing you back, and it’s no surprise that many couples find a special connection here.” For some folks, the ultimate connection to the mountain involves taking that sacred leap and popping the question. Take one look at your surroundings from the resort’s 4,848' summit and it’s easy to see why. One couple traveled hundreds of miles in search of the perfect picturesque mountain backdrop. Another wanted to be sure there was snow. They, too, traveled from far out-of-state. Still, others may feel compelled to pop the question spontaneously, possibly inspired by the ethereal, atmospheric surroundings. In that case, you can’t recreate the moment—but you can always come back for a pre-scheduled engagement photo session, another popular choice at Snowshoe.

To “One last hurrah!” Perhaps not as surprising is Snowshoe Mountain’s appeal to bachelor and bachelorette party planners of various interests. It’s a natural fit for any group with a flair for the outdoors and, of course, snow enthusiasts. Even those with smaller appetites for adventure often find that a group ski or snowboard lesson results in quite the bonding experience. But if skiing isn’t your thing—and we get it, sometimes it just isn’t—there are a million and one other ways to “bach” it up at Snowshoe. Come in winter and you can venture into the resort’s backcountry area in a heated, four-seat, off-road Polaris RZR. There’s also an entire mountaintop village of shopping, dining, and “après-ski” nightlife all worthy of exploring. Come in summer and you can build your own itinerary with as little or as much adrenaline as you see fit. Sporting clays? Check. Golf, mountain biking, and scenic lift rides? Check, check, and check. Snowshoe is also home to Shaver’s Lake. In the winter it feeds the resort’s snowmaking efforts, but in summer it transforms into a little paradise of its own, where mountains meet the beach. Katie says, “the lake is such a unique place because you’re surrounded by all of this spectacular mountain scenery, but the activities are like something straight from the beach.” At Shaver’s Lake you can join your wedding party for a paddleboard yoga class, throw some disc golf, or take a guided nature hike. And let’s not overlook the inflatable obstacle course. All sorts of good times just waiting to happen there.

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