WV Weddings Fall Winter 2020


A Lifetime of Adventure The best part of all? Well, okay, the two best parts?

One, you’ve got Katie. As Snowshoe’s wedding coordinator extraordinaire, she’s here to do all the legwork for you. Her goal is to extract that fairy-tale vision from your head and make it all come to life. From guiding you to the right venue and menu options to securing lodging, Katie is the sorceress that makes the magic happen so you can focus on sitting back and enjoying the wedding of your dreams. The other best part about a Snowshoe wedding is that you and your fiancé are laying the foundation for the adventure of a lifetime—literally a lifetime. You’re forever imprinting this special place in your hearts and minds, and it will always be here for you to come back to. A Snowshoe wedding is a truly special way to start your next chapter. snowshoemtn.com

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