WV Weddings Fall Winter 2020


University’s Creative Arts Center, and Shawnee saw Mark from across the parking lot. “He was all dressed up and waving a bouquet of flowers,” she says. “It was like a scene out of a movie. I thought, ‘This is the guy I’m going to marry.’” Shawnee was an undergraduate at WVU and Mark was a graduate student in the University’s College of Law. After they graduated, Mark asked Shawnee what her feelings were about Minnesota. “All I could picture was ice fishing,” Shawnee laughs. Mark had secured a job 1,000 miles from Morgantown, and the couple packed up their bags and moved to the Twin Cities. In September of 2017, Shawnee planned a romantic weekend getaway two hours’ drive from Minneapolis, in Duluth. On a Saturday at sunrise,

shawnee michelle prewett loves love —so much, in fact, that Valentine’s Day was her favorite holiday long before she met Mark on February 14, 2014. Shawnee had organized a small get-together at Rocktop Bar & Grill in Morgantown to celebrate the holiday, and a friend invited Mark to tag along. At the end of the evening, Mark walked Shawnee to the PRT and asked if he could be her friend on Facebook. “We clicked immediately,” Shawnee says. “He was so kind and so easy to talk to. I felt like myself around him.” The rest, you could say, is history. once upon a time Shawnee and Mark went on a whirlwind of dates, and, by the third, Shawnee knew Mark was the one. They were meeting to see their second show at West Virginia

Shawnee and Mark met when the pair attended WVU. They knew the first time they took in the scenic vistas offered from the ceremony lawn at Snowshoe Mountain resort that it would be the perfect place to exchange their vows.

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