WV Weddings Fall Winter 2020

I it’s 2005 at jefferson high school in Shenandoah Junction, fifth period, health class. Two freshmen, Lindsay and Chase, notice each other for the first time. By the spring of their sophomore year, the two were officially an item; they canoodled on bus rides to ski club, cheered each other on at sporting events, and made frozen pizzas at Lindsay’s house after school. By the end of that semester, they were sharing a locker. But when it came time for college, the two kids who’d spent most of their time together in high school wondered what it would be like to spend some time apart. College was an opportunity to find themselves, try new things, and explore the world. After parting ways, they found themselves living in the same dorm—on the same floor—at West Virginia University. Their lives were intertwined like the

circling back Sometimes, it takes 1,500 miles apart to know with whom you’re meant to spend forever. A year and a half after Lindsay’s big move, she made a return visit to Shenandoah Junction. She and Chase picked up right where they’d left off, and, after spending some time dating long-distance, they moved to the D.C. area and began enjoying life together—trying new foods and local beers, going hiking, and visiting places near and far. InMay of 2018, the couple traveled to Islay, Scotland, a woodland isle on the “whisky coast.”While walking a coastal path between a series of scotch distilleries, Chase proposed. “Our engagement in Scotland and love of the Celtic culture very quickly became a guiding theme to the wedding itself,” Lindsay says. A year and a half later, Lindsay and Chase welcomed guests to the courtyard of Lindsay’s childhood home, Broad View Farm in Shenandoah Junction, for a Celtic- inspired ceremony against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

unbreakable bond of a lover’s knot, and the duo dated throughout college. The lovers parted ways for the last time when Lindsay’s first post-college job forced her to move halfway across the country.

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