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What is ocular melanoma?

Diagnosed with OM?

Ocular melanoma, or melanoma of the eye, is the most common primary eye cancer in adults and the second most common type of melanoma, with around 2,000 new cases each year in the United States. Ocular melanoma, also called uveal melanoma, can occur in any of the three layers of the uvea: the choroid, the ciliary body or the iris. Like other melanomas, OM begins in melanocytes, the cells that produce the pigment melanin. Ocular melanoma is a particularly dangerous form of melanoma and accounts for approximately 5% of all melanoma cases. The disease will spread from the eye to other organs in approximately half of people with ocular melanoma. Currently no known cure for metastatic ocular melanoma exists. CURE OM’S MISSION: • Accelerate research to develop effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for ocular melanoma • Improve the lives of people affected by ocular melanoma by creating systems and programs to provide education and support • Advocate for the needs of the ocular melanoma community


People battling OM urgently need more treatment options. No treatments for metastatic OM have been FDA approved. Many people with OM choose to enter clinical trials where they’re able to access cutting-edge treatments. Participating in clinical trials contributes to research advancements and may improve the lives of others facing OM as well. Researchers are learning more about the genetics of OM, allowing them to explore new and promising treatments. The MRF offers grants to researchers through the CURE OM initiative in order to speed the pace of discovery. Continuous support of research is the only way to achieve the advances patients need. By funding this critical research, the MRF’s CURE OM initiative is accelerating treatment development to bring new therapies to people with OM.

Choose a specialist who regularly treats OM . Find a physician and treatment team who have experience treating ocular melanoma to ensure you have the most informed and up-to-date care. For a list of specialists who treat OM, visit Know what you’re up against. Advances in research allow doctors to predict the aggressiveness of an eye tumor. Talk to your specialist about your options, especially if your primary eye tumor has not yet been treated. Be your own advocate. Treatment guidelines currently do not exist for follow-up frequency or type of care once the tumor in the eye has been treated. Being educated on the latest research and treatment options enables you to work with your treatment team to identify the follow-up option that is best for you.

To learn more about CURE OM-funded research, visit .

The MRF’s Clinical Trial Finder helps people battling ocular melanoma search for cutting-edge clinical trials.

CONNECT WITH THE OM COMMUNITY and access important education and treatment information : Visit to connect with others and get the latest news related to ocular melanoma.

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