Hola Sober April 2024


I am having fun with a new more modern version of the tarot these days. It’s called the “Everyday Witch” by Deborah Blake and she puts a modern updated spin on the Rider Waite deck. The art is by Elisabeth Alba who clearly likes cats (as do I).

The card I chose today is number 20 Judgement.

This card is less about being judged by others and more about taking stock of our own life. Our sweet young Witch has realized the time has come to put down past grudges and old hurts she is moving forward with her life following her own drum. We all pass judgement and are biased and we are lying to ourselves to think we aren’t. It’s time to become more aware of ourselves and our actions and words and let stuff go. Move on with new understanding and be more generous of spirit. Follow your own path (and stay in your own lane ;)

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