Hola Sober April 2024



Usually, when people think of meditation, they think of sitting still on a pillow, eyes closed, legs crossed, fingers in "gian mudra" position (don't worry- I had to look that word up too- you know the position I'm talking about- where your index fingers touch your thumbs in an almost "A-OK we are now meditating" position.) However, meditation can be present in our daily tasks and activities, from cleaning to eating, walking or folding laundry. I hope you enjoy this meditation that has the added bonus of eating chocolate during it, because why not?! If you do not like chocolate, please feel free to pick a different treat to use and maybe substitute some descriptive flavors described. However you choose to use this one, I hope you enjoy it, Love Alex

Our sober support meetings are closed keeping the groups small and allow relationships to be fostered in a sacred space of trust. The host picks a song at the end to dance out and the zoom-room becomes a feast of women dancing in joy and freedom feeling empowered and positive going into their day or week. I started it believing ending a meeting on a dance is a fun, liberating thing to do as women together and our SPOTIFY Playlist includes songs we dance to. Some of our songs inspire us, we have songs that motivate and bring joy. The Hola Sober Sisters kindly submitted their favourite songs and we have a wonderfully eclectic mix of tastes and songs for you to enjoy! Please click and enjoy!

Alexandra Hartley-Leonard has kindly voiced meditations for all sober sisters to listen to and find grounding and calm.

Available on our website HERE CLICK here to listen on soundcloud.

CLICK here to listen to our play list


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