Hola Sober April 2024


I have tried a million different cleaning products in my lifetime and I hate ‘that’ smell that hangs in the air of chemicals. I recently discovered Purdy & Figg an eco-friendly brand. Back in 2018, best friends Purdy Rubin and Charlotte Figg decided to make cleaning products they'd feel good using – both for themselves and for the environment. I am OBSESSED with this and the divine smell around my home. I cannot describe to you how wonderful it feels to walk into my kitchen after it has had the Purdy & Figg treatment because it smells of citrus freshness AND it cleans beautifully. This is NOT a paid advertisement - I am simply sharing the joy of this product which is a game-changer in our home.


GEE'S PICK I have two daughters with hair that is a life-force all of its own (thanks to their Dad, Paul who is Afro-Caribbean) My life is spent trying to tame hair and this SMOOTH STICK is mind blowing and a real game-changer in the world of hair in my life! The award-winning Smooth Stick has been one of the most nifty Irish inventions of late by it’s Founder Áine Kennedy I cannot tell you how this smooths down those maddingly stray hairs that keep sticking up. It is just fabulous!!



I started exercising regularly in early 2023 and my daughter bought me sneakers for walking and running around. I now have a real love of comfortable sneakers that allow me be my quirky self. Barbara Bennett is a talented Graphic Designer who has honed in on a unique product that's proving hugely popular: hand- painted shoe customisation. Barbara adds eye-catching and bold prints to your favourite shoe brands such as Nike Air Force, Nike Cortez, and loafers. She also sells DIY kits and everything about this brand and young lady inspires me!



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