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It’s About More Than Just the Season

S ome people have an unwritten rule that you can’t listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, or read Christmas books before Thanksgiving. My younger brother is like that. He does not partake in any Christmas- related activities before Thanksgiving, and the day after Christmas, all his decorations have to come down. I honestly don’t get it because I’m the opposite. I listen to Christmas music year-round, and I love the stories and movies, too. They all remind me of my childhood, a simpler time in my life. Thanksgiving and Christmas used to be a lot different for us, so listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies is my way of holding on to the peace that inevitably came with the holiday season every year.

on TV, I can’t ever just watch part of it; I have to watch the whole thing. I always seem to pick up on some subtle joke I never noticed before, and it makes every time I rewatch feel new. That’s not the only reason I watch “Christmas Vacation,” though. The more times I see it, the more I can see my own family members in some of the characters. It’s something about the season that brings me back to all the holidays I spent with family growing up. Every Thanksgiving, my family would journey from our house in the city out to my uncle’s farm for the entire day. They lived in an old two-story farmhouse with a lot of different animals on their property. The women in the family would spend the day cooking in the house while the men went out hunting. Seeing all the animals — cows, horses, ducks, or whatever they had at the time —was always a highlight of the day for me. In the evening, the entire family would reconvene around a long dining room table showcasing a delicious display of turkey, mashed potatoes, bread, cake, pie, and most anything else you could think of. Among all my family members, it didn’t take long to make the feast disappear. Even though that memory is from Thanksgiving, it’s those times with family that Christmas music and movies bring to mind —when we were all together. Our whole family is really spread out now, and my nieces, who have young children and busy schedules, usually take the lead on hosting Thanksgiving. It’s just easier for family to go to them. That being said, my husband and I

Freckles patiently waiting for the Holiday Season

My favorite Christmas movie of all time is “Christmas Vacation.” Any time of the year, if it’s

usually aren’t able to make it to their dinner, so our Thanksgivings are much smaller now. Our son generally joins my husband and me for dinner that day, and that’s it. That’s not to say we wish our holidays were any different now, though. I’m happy I have those memories with family to cherish and that Christmas music and movies can so easily bring them to mind.

-Jamie Harrington



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