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USDA Inspected Boneless Whole Pork Loins 1 58 Lb. SAVINGS Spring

Jumbo Pack Bone-In Split Chicken Breast 1 28 Lb.

Butcher’s Best® Beef Boneless Sirloin Tip Roast 2.98 Lb. 12-Oz., 26/30-Count Chicken Of The Sea Raw EZ Peel Shrimp 3.98 Hot House Grown Extra Large Beefsteak Tomatoes .98 Lb.

Red Ripe Whole Seedless Watermelon 4.98 12-Oz. Pkg. Sugardale Sliced Bacon 2.98 In-Store Cut Quarters...79¢ Lb. Butcher’s Best® Beef Boneless Top Sirloin Steaks 4.98


32-Oz., Selected Gatorade Sports Drinks 5 /$ 5 16-Oz., Selected Hy•Top Saltine Crackers 5 /$ 5 14.75-Oz.,Wild Caught Alaskan Double “Q” Pink Salmon 2 /$ 5 96-Oz. Better Valu Bleach 5 /$ 5

12-Giant Rolls Charmin Bath Tissue Or 6-Big Or 8-Reg. Rolls Bounty Basic Paper Towels 4.97 12-Oz.Cans, Selected 24-Pack Pepsi Products 6.99 9 To 10-Oz., Selected Doritos Chips 2 /$ 5 14.5 To 15.25-Oz., Selected Better Valu Vegetables 2 /$ 1

16-Oz. Kraft American Cheese Singles 59-Oz., Selected Donald Duck Orange Juice FREE BuyOne,GetOne FREE BuyOne,GetOne

5.2-Oz., Selected Better Valu Pizza 2 /$ 1 Gallon, Selected Country Maid Ice Cream 3.97

St.MarysGalaxy ® 1408 North Pleasants Hwy, St. Marys, WV 26170 PHONE: (304)684-3878 MON. - SUN. 7AMTO10PM

12-Pack Bottles Lipton Green Tea 4.99 Senior Discount Wednesday 5% off grocery order excludes tobacco, alochol & gift cards FREE small coffee & glazed donut all day! $2.00 delivery within 10 mile radius.

PRICESGOODFROMAPRIL 19THRUAPRIL25, 2018 All Galaxy®FoodCentersHonor Federal Food StampCard! We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities AndCorrect Typographical Errors. No Sales ToDealers. Available ET Video Rental Kiosk, Leanin Tree Cards, Stamps & Blue Rhino Propane Exchange Pleasants County Chamber of Commerce discount visit our website: www.StMarysGalaxy.com

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